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Pathological Altruism: The Road to Hell is Paved with Hair Dye and Vagina Bread


You know, it never fails to astound me when I see people, when commenting on Feminists Behaving Badly, saying such things as, “They know exactly what they’re doing! They’s evil!”
While the people who often make such accusations fall firmly into the realm of trait ascription bias, the caricature is all-too-common, especially in online realms.…

#gamergate cooties


The social justice warriors of the anti-gamergate mob have spent much of the last year exploiting any hint of victim status they could for attention and financial gain, from simply being offended over things they could avoid to the pain of other people’s still-unfolding tragedies.…

This upcoming week (Dec 14th-21st) on Honey Badger Radio!


Badger Cave: Title IX travesty!
Discussion of Hannah Wallen’s Title IX piece: Title IX abuse in university athletic programs
Event time: Monday, December 15, 9 PM Eastern
Host: Alison Tieman
Participants: Jonathan Taylor, Hannah Wallen and Sage Gerard


Badger Pod Nerd Cast 18
Gawker loses seven figures in ad revenue, pleb comics creator doxxed, and METALGATE!!!!…

Inside the minds of Social Justice Warriors


To delve into the mind of a social justice warrior, we first have to define what a social justice warrior is. While the term is often used rather loosely, it usually has to do with a very specific sort of person. They are the rather politically minded individuals that believe they can save the world by policing their brand of morals and controlling speech.…


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