MALE DISPOSABILITY – PTSD and someone who is in a position to attack the stigma around it


Do you know why US Army Rangers wear panty hose? Supposedly they do wear panty hose, (though I haven’t gone and checked.) Simple answer: Panty hose are the most efficient form of long underwear available. Real answer: Because they can. A soldier at Joint base Lewis McChord, SSG Ty Carter, is in a similar position, in this case in a position to champion sufferers from PTSD and to attack the stigma...

FEMININITIES – Hyperagency kills when hypoagency pulls the trigger – Trayvon Martin and the fears of white women


I am not Trayvon Martin, I am not Tracy Martin, and I can hardly aspire to the Christlike serenity in the face of unbearable grief and rage of Sabrina Fulton, his mother. I am not Tracy Martin, but like I have a son and like Trayvon that son was 18 once, so I know what it is to worry about the safety of a son in a dangerous world.…

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