Submissive behaviors, being “taken seriously” and wanting to have it both ways


One of the most puzzling and annoying things about our gender system is the paradoxical way femininity is constructed as both deserving of special protection from society (read men)  as if they were children and yet simultaneously so morally superior to masculinity that it entitles women to judge men on their performance of masculinity and their manners and behavior in general. …

FEMALE PRIVILEGE – Gendering Class, Part I


Commenter Schala has remarked several times that the way the gender system in our societies works is that women are a functional aristocracy and men are a functional proletariat. (Of course there is a kyriarchal class above all of this, composed of both men and women in about equal numbers, the elites we are constantly told are all men.…

DOUBLE STANDARDS – The tide seems to be turning – Joan Walsh denounces a London gym; no, she praises it by faint damnation


Joan Walsh has a good article up at Salon on a man in London suing his gym because they restrict hours to male patrons to provide male-free time to female customers but still charging the same fees. Walsh concedes he has a point, this is sexist discrimination, but where her article shines is she goes through all the reasons for this kind of discrimination and rejects them.…

DOUBLE STANDARDS – Jon Hamm and the Female Gaze


His eyes are up here, you pervert! Actor Jon Hamm has been targeted for a whole lot of snickering about his genitals of the sort that no female actor has ever been, to my memory. Ths is in the context of decades of blue-nosed hectoring abut “sexual objectification” when men look at women’s breasts – only now when the shoe is on the other foot, it’s quite alright for...

Gender Dynamics In a Nutshell


There are a lot of conflicting things going on in the realm of gender.
We have women with far greater levels of in group bias, yet people don’t see women as capable leaders.
The “in group bias study” is the not the only study that found the “Women are Wonderful” or “Benevolent Sexism*” (as feminists term it) effect.…

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