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Happy Hallowhine


Halloween is a time when the scariest of monsters, the high-whining femshee, shows yet again that they will find any excuse to play the victim. They display a frightening level of idiocy, bemoaning the torture of an experience they don’t actually face as an example of their phantom concept, male privilege.…

How many falls does it take to level up from biased media to journalist?


The #gamergate protest started as a result of evidence hinting that many sources among games media were colluding together behind the scenes to promote their own agenda. The most obvious piece of the puzzle was a series of articles, all posted on the same day, giving a false description of gamers that was apparently intended to be derogatory, declaring their interests unimportant to either media...

Gamergate: Journalism as a Social Justice War game


Encyclopedia Dramatica explains Gamergate as one seedy game designer’s dramatic exposure of “wide scale collusion in the indie game industry, benefiting developers, reviewers, journalists, and everyone else involved. That is, everyone except for you, the gamer.” That’s an adept description of the incident, and in short gives the reason why the discussion began and...

Feminists Say the Darndest Things


Part One: The misogyny that dare not speak its name
In part one I described how it wasn’t defending men and boys against feminist double standards that got me banned from Raw Story, but defending women and girls from feminist misogyny.
Here I’ve compiled a series of additional exchanges with feminists that no doubt contributed to me being banned for speaking blasphemy.…

The misogyny that dare not speak its name


Raw Story recently wrote an article attributing statements made by members of the Reddit community “The Red Pill” to men’s rights activists. Although these statements were not made by self-identified men’s rights activists, they were also not very controversial—amounting to tips to avoid being crime victims–unless viewed through the feminist lens that women can’t consent to sex while drunk...

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