He-Peating Hurts Women, US Women’s Soccer Team CRUSHES the Wage Gap | HBR News 358


Hello and welcome to HBR News where we talk about the news of the week! This week we talk about the new feminist term used to smash the patriarchy, a new policy will ensure the women’s soccer team will receive equal pay to the men, Elon Musk triggers the left, and feminists come for his reputation with an old reliable tactic, and more!…

The Dangers and Potential Consequences of Porn Addiction with Alana Parekh | Fireside Chat 207


Hello and welcome to Honey Badger Radio’s Fireside Chat where we talk with special and interesting guests that might be discussing things that run parallel to men’s issues and the issues facing men and women. This week we are speaking with Alana Parekh, who is a YouTuber who specializes in trying to move people away from over consumption of pornography.…

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