FEMININITIES – Chang E and exile on the moon


Saturday is the Mid-Autumn Festival, the first full moon after the autumnal equinox, when Change E – 嫦娥 – comes down from the moon for a visit with her earthbound husband Hou Yi -后羿. Tacoma hosts a celebration and we’re going down to hear some opera – the trains run right by the park, about four or five every hour, and that’s about what it takes to make Chinese opera...

FEMININITIES – Hyperagency kills when hypoagency pulls the trigger – Trayvon Martin and the fears of white women


I am not Trayvon Martin, I am not Tracy Martin, and I can hardly aspire to the Christlike serenity in the face of unbearable grief and rage of Sabrina Fulton, his mother. I am not Tracy Martin, but like I have a son and like Trayvon that son was 18 once, so I know what it is to worry about the safety of a son in a dangerous world.…

EQUALITY IS MISOGYNY – When will feminists stop blaming men?


When will feminists stop blaming men? When will they stop calling the traditional social order and gender roles “patriarchy”? When will start to acknowledge that “women hold up half of heaven” and “the hand that rocks the cradle rules the world” and recognize how much influence women have on the world – how much they socialize kids into all these oh-so-horrible gender roles, how much they...

FEMININITIES –Toxic Femininity


The dose makes the poison.
One of the very useful memes that has come out of the gender discourse in the last few years is a discussion of “toxic masculinity” or the traditional masculinity that teaches little boys to make themselves disposable for the sake of women, as distinct from an earlier demonization of “macho pigs” and masculinity in general.…



“Masculinities” is a buzzword that was going around a couple of years ago in the femmisphere and in “Gender Studies” departments on campuses. And since feminists feel entitled to pronounce to all the rest of us on all matters gender-related, they felt entitled to pronounce on masculinity and all its problematic aspects and to analyze it in their smug Moral Guardian way.…

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