Breaking the Narrative Episode 119: Free College as The Democrat Platform? Conveniently Insufficient!


Recently we’ve had the announcements by both Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden for candidacy for the 2020 Election on the Democratic ticket. While I believe that Biden is gonna fall short despite his pleas to the politics of the far left, due to his misunderstanding of them, I am of the mind that the platform piece that is going to more openly determine who ends up on top of the pecking order is...

Breaking the Narrative Episode 74: Hitting Close to Home. On the Marshall County High School Tragedy.


Hello again my fellow questioners, this week is probably going to lack my typical feel because this merits a more serious and somber tone. If you have paid attention to news articles at all in the past few weeks then you’ve likely heard of what happened in Benton, Kentucky – specifically at the Marshall County High School.…


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