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War on victims of female perpetrators goes back to college


For decades now, feminists have been promoting a male-demonizing narrative on sexual violence using statistics produced by deliberately biased research methods. Legislated changes based on that bias, dictating how American institutions of higher education approach allegations of sexual misconduct on campus, have sparked widespread controversy and reawakened existing criticism of that narrative...

Does Watching Porn Make You Feminist?


In the news lately, there have been many reports on a study that states that those who watch porn hold feminist views. This is rather controversial, as many feminist studies in the past have stated that watching porn makes you misogynist. The prevailing feminist narrative is that if you watch porn, you hate women and can only see them as things to own and objectify, having no respect for them in...

TIME, Human Rights Watch ignore male victims of violence, report that female victims are ignored


Story: Violence against women with disabilities is often ignored in several countries The TIME story links to a Human Rights Watch report, Include Women, Girls With Disabilities in Anti-Violence Efforts. According to TIME, this report shows that “Women with disabilities are three times as likely to be raped, physically abused or sexually assaulted,” but are “often ignored when...

Which country is the most Egalitarian of All?


In my first article, I introduced the Global Gender Gap. The Global Gender Gap is meant to represent how balanced a society is. Based on how it measured a variety of variables, I concluded that it measure Women’s Status in a society. It was quick to ignore any advancement women had and any instances of men being dominated by women.…

Who defines rape?


Twenty years ago Nara Shoenberg and Sam Roe challenged feminist myth making about rape. Let’s take a look at what they had to say in their article, The Making of an Epidemic.

The article shows the connection between Koss, Steinem, and the 1 in 4 myth.…

This is What Sexual Entitlement Looks Like…


I’m just going to quote at length:
 My very best vagina friend sleeps in quite late. In the hours I’ve spent lying next to her staring at the wet spot she’s unknowingly making I have become fascinated with her morning arousal. Sometimes she’ll cover her vag with her hands in her sleep because she knows I’ll try to play with it.…


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