#NotYourBoogeyman | HBR Talk 126


Join HBR Talk as we lay down another very important boundary: No, feminists, we do not consent to being your boogeyman, and we do not consent to being the catch-all label for men you hate and fear. Once again, who we are is not your call! Tune in at 7:30PM EST, 12:30AM GMT

Opening monologue transcripthttps://www.patreon.com/posts/35290441…

The Lack of Empathy for Men in the Modern Age: The Rise of the Men’s Rights Movement


Written by Peachy_by_night18 December 2019

Editor’s note: This article is the writer’s research, done for a class. Though it contains some assertions and accepts some concepts that many in the movement will not agree with, it is of interest to the men’s issues discussion for a couple of reasons.…

Benevolent sexism: Feminism as the arbiter of compassion | HBR Talk 119


Join HBR Talk as we discuss the concept of “benevolent sexism,” and the not so benevolent ways feminists use it to sweep men’s issues under the rug.Wait, is it sexist to associate feminists with something that sounds like housework?Tune in Thursday at 7:30PM EST, 12:30 GMT

Opening monologue transcripthttps://www.patreon.com/posts/33789214…


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