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For purposes of this document, all instances of “we,” “us,” and “our(s)” refer to the Honey Badger Brigade. All instances of “you” “your(s)” and “yourself” refer to content submitters.

This site accepts writing and artwork under the following conditions.


By submitting your work to the Honey Badger Brigade blog you certify that it is yours, that you have the legal right to publish it, and that it does not violate anyone else’s copyright. You agree that we can edit as needed for publication in the blog. You grant us permission to publish your submitted work, to promote it as content on our site, and to re-publish on this site at our discretion. You agree that the work you submit may be edited to suit the site’s needs, including tone and style. You agree to allow us to use any images contained in the body of your writing to promote it after publication. We agree that you retain ownership of your work, and you can publish it elsewhere without violating any agreement with us. All work published by the Honey Badger Brigade will be credited to the original writer or artist unless otherwise agreed upon by both parties for purposes such as preserving anonymity.


The primary areas of focus of the Honey Badger Brigade are men’s issues from a nonfeminist perspective, and topics related to nerd and creative issues with a focus on opposing ideological censorship. In conjunction with the men’s issues focus is an understanding of how children and women are also affected by the dynamics surrounding men’s issues, and dedication to free expression and freedom from imposed ideology.  Topics for submitted work should fall within those areas. These can include legal and social issues, as well as efforts to highlight and criticize thought policing.

Submissions can involve a variety of different styles, including

  • fiction that explores men’s issues and/or censorship
  • articles on ideological censorship or exploitation of creatives
  • fun articles related to gaming and media
  • media criticism with an eye to men’s issues and/or men’s issues inclusive gender dynamics
  • research papers into specific men’s issues (these can exceed the standard length where appropriate)

The Honey Badger Brigade does not have or promote as a solution to men’s issues any political party or religious affiliation. While we’re not here to censor political or religious expression we will not publish work that definitively promotes adopting or imposing a specific political or religious belief system as the solution to men’s issues. Submissions critiquing gynocentric or male-disposability-promoting aspects of a specific belief system are not considered promotion of ideology. Submissions promoting feminist narratives and/or theory are.

Writing Tone and Style

We accept journalistic work, research, and editorial essays as long as they adhere to our goals for the site.

Our editorial goal is to maintain a crisp, easy to follow, professional style.

Pieces are generally expected to be between 500 and 2500 words, with some exceptions. There is no minimum for announcements, bulletins, or press releases other than the stipulation that the information included in them must be complete. Research papers and articles containing sourced analysis may be longer than 2500 words. Exceptionally long articles (over 3000 words) may be divided into two or more parts for publication, like this one.

Submissions should be fact-checked, spellchecked and edited for grammar with the understanding that further editing for spelling, grammar, and formatting may take place before publishing. Formatting is to be kept simple, with points made by articulate writing, facts, and logic, not the use of unusual characters, repetition, multiple fonts, or special formatting for emphasis. Special formatting should be reserved for necessities such as distinguishing quotes from the author’s writing and denoting lists, outlines, or other traditionally special-formatted segments.

We reserve the right to edit titles or “headlines,” article text, and image captions for compliance with this policy. We reserve the right to reject submissions at any time, for any reason, not limited to compliance with this policy.


Post authors are responsible for writing a short summary or teaser for your post. If the post is to be a featured article, the featured image, category choice, and tags will be set by the editor. The editor reserves the right to request an image suitable for featuring from the author, to create an image to represent the post, or to use an image included in the body of the post as the post’s featured image.

This policy may be updated without notice. Existing, published work is not an indication that similar submissions which don’t fit current policy will be published.

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  • shepardofpeace

    Be a Feminist

    It’s okay to be a Feminist

    Because we know women bleed and bear seed

    But don’t dare be a Male Rights Activists

    Because we all know

    Men ain’t got no need

    We all know men don’t cry

    They die only because they have to

    Empty the trash

    Thats just what men do

    Carry that rock and don’t talk

    Because that’s what women do

    Only women are pretty

    Don’t you know

    So everybody

    Be a Feminist

    Don’t dare be a Male Rights Activists

    Because women have all these feelings

    Just like colorful flowers

    Men have nothing

    There should be nothing for them

    So go ahead and be a Feminist

    But don’t be a Male Rights Activists

    Because men

    they got no need

    Anything else but feminism is just greed

    You just need to understand that

    By: Roger Harkness – Shepard of Peace (A Male Rights Activist) (Ya, I’m a rebel)

    Feb 19, 2016

    Got a lot of comments on this in the Daily Kos, but what did I expect, however, I was not able to comment to any of the comments, I’m banned until the 23rd.

    Repeatedly I have been asked, what rights do you want? The short and simple answer is, I believe men should have the right to have rights and feminism’s objection is proof of their hypocrisy when they say they believe in equality. This makes me more MRA then ever before.