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Male Privilege: Slut Shaming


Slut shaming. Supposedly women are more affected. Yet I can’t help but notice the following: Female Sex Toys are empowering; male sex toys are perverted Promiscuous women are expressing their sexuality; promiscuous men are ‘using’ their sex partners for selfish kicks Women should be lauded for their sexual desires; men should be ashamed of theirs because male desire...

TALES OF THE RED PILL – Hogpunk’s Journey


Commenter Hogpunk contributed a comment in my thread about sons of feminists that I found so to the point that I asked if I could post it as an article, and he has graciously assented:
Hello Genderratic,
Gingko asked me for permission to post this comment I made on your blog; this is a cleaned up and very slightly altered version which I am more happy with.…

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