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Speshul Snowflake Koan


Just dropping a quick line here after having read something rather amusing. According to Yashar Ali, women are more empathetic to men then men are to women. This is his exact quote: Men aren’t here to save women from themselves, empathy is something that women practice with men everyday… Here’s the thing, Yashar, I’m a woman who is attempting to develop a true understanding of...

GENDERITIS – Oops, Wrong All Along


Oops – it looks like the study back in the 1940s that so many have based their notions of higher male promiscuity on for so long was botched from the beginning. Using the best methods of the time it produced results – that promiscuity gave male fruit flies and advantage that it did not give females, ergo males fuck around and females keep their legs crossed – that no one has been able...

EQUALITY – No Surprise, Actually


Well, well – it’s Gay Pride month, and the Pentagon is holding its own gay pride event. I know this may surprise some, but it shouldn’t. The repeal of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell is going more smoothly than expected and the much feared damage to unit cohesion and retention has not materialized, despite all the dire predictions of people like Elaine Donnelly, who had no real...

MISANDRY – Fathers of Daughters


Hat tip – Ozy Franz, who does a quite good job off hacking up this toxic piece of hate. As she and her commenters point out this is a nearly comprehensive list of man-hatred that you really have to wonder why he doesn’t just run off and kill himself in a fit of self-loathing, or failing that, just cut off his manhood like a good priest of Cybele, if he is this submerged in the Mother archetype...



We have been talking about the gender dynamics of myth and doctrine in Christianity. (When I say “myth”, am using it in the sense of a psychologically active story, regardless of whether it is factual or fictional.)
One of the foundational stories in Christianity is the Garden of Eden story.…

Men, and Patriarchy, In the Church


JTO and myself are publishing a series of articles on the topic of demonization of male sexuality, both how it’s done and why it’s wrong. Our first can be found here, here, and here. 
Below is the most recent instalment on how the Church is a conduit for a misandrous mythology that stigmatizes male sexuality as the vector of original sin from generation to generation.…

Gender Agnosticism


I’m proposing a new way of looking at the relationship between the genders based on aggressive neutrality. Feel free to criticize and comment.
This is also going to be my last post for a few months as I am scaling back my involvement in the gender sphere to focus on my meditation practice and other projects in my life.…

Worst Case Scenario


A while back I watched a video on a Fathers’ support group in Australia. A single father in the group spoke about how his abusive and alcoholic wife had abandoned his children. Although he mentioned how he felt alone, rejected and overwhelmed by the responsibility of raising three children with no support either socially or economically, he concluded his story by saying(paraphrased)...