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MISANDRY – The Stereotype of the Man-Hating Feminist


Feminism and feminists get accused of misandry all the time; it’s a major accusation for a movement that claims the moral high ground and claims to be about gender equality. Feministe is a mainstream, high traffic feminist blog. It bills itself as “In defense of the sanctimonious women’s studies set.” Recently there was a mess of a post and comment thread that mewled and whined about how...

EQUALITY – Chopping the Other Leg Off of Homophobia


I didn’t want this one to get by, so I’ll post it for the weekend.
Growing up there were two unquestioned bastions of masculinity – sports and the military. And the beefiest of the sports that people considered real sports was football. Those were the two legs of homophobia when I was growing up and nothing had changed that until recently.…

GENERAL – MRAs, PUAs, MGTOWs , and How the MRM Is Not a Monolith


Look across the gendersphere and you find a tendency to confusion or conflation of all sorts of strands of “MRAs” into a mish-mashed, generalized, borgified stereotype of rage over loss of privilege and seething misogyny ( because it’s all only ever about the women, after all.) So I thought I’d pull together a little guide to the disparate strands of sentiment that get labeled MRA.…

MISOGYNY –The Religious Right and Military Medicine; Rape and the Military Abortion Ban


Here’s an example that I had no reason not to know about and yet it wasn’t until someone pointed it out to me. This was in the local paper the other day.
 MG Donna Barbisch (Rtd.) wrote a very sober and modest opinion piece that pointed out that military women who get pregnant by rape are not able to get abortions through the military medical system.…