GENERAL – MRAs, PUAs, MGTOWs , and How the MRM Is Not a Monolith, Part 2

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TheBiboSez on September 20, 2012 at 1:22 am said:
Ok, so,

A feminist, a PUA, a MRA, a MGTOW, a Mangina, a White Knight, and a natural Alpha Male are sitting in a bar drinking. Suddenly, a disheveled young waif of a woman stumbles in and asks for help.

GENERAL – MRAs, PUAs, MGTOWs , and How the MRM Is Not a Monolith

Look across the gendersphere and you find a tendency to confusion or conflation of all sorts of strands of “MRAs” into a mish-mashed, generalized, borgified stereotype of rage over loss of privilege and seething misogyny ( because it’s all only ever about the women, after all.) So I thought I’d pull together a little guide to the disparate strands of sentiment that get labeled MRA.…

MISOGYNY –The Religious Right and Military Medicine; Rape and the Military Abortion Ban

Here’s an example that I had no reason not to know about and yet it wasn’t until someone pointed it out to me. This was in the local paper the other day.

 MG Donna Barbisch (Rtd.) wrote a very sober and modest opinion piece that pointed out that military women who get pregnant by rape are not able to get abortions through the military medical system.

MISANDRY – “Men’s Rights Are Human Rights” Is Controversial in Vancouver

Well, well, the shit has jumped off up north! Up in Vancouver a group of MRAs started posting posters saying that men’s rights were human rights. Infamia!

Reaction was immediate, with posters torn down almost as soon as they were posted, in some cases by journalists supposedly reporting on them.…

MISANDRY – Expelling a Gay Kid for Defending Himself.

Here’s a depressing story out of Indianapolis. This high school kid, Dynasty Young, was getting bullied and harassed at school because he was dressing and acting queeny. His mother gave him a stun gun for protection and he used it one some kids. The school expelled him, initially for a year, and then relented and let him re-enroll, but only if he went to some other…..…

DOUBLE STANDARDS – Female Gamers and Men’s Spaces

I am looking for help from people who know gaming and know the gaming community on this. From the way it looks to me, when a female gamer makes this kind of complaint, it looks for all the world to me like an insistence on special treatment. It looks like they have entered a men’s space, apparently without any invitation, and now demand that it fit their requirements and preferences.…