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  • daent090s1

    Karen Straughan Vs Manhood Academy:

  • Christopher Russell


  • Marty Russell Woodcock

    I’m curious, how did you chose the name Honey Badger Brigade and what does a honey badger have to do with feminist misandry? I love the name BTW.

    • David

      Have you seen the old “honey badger don’t give a shit” video? It was a viral video back in the day, and Karen was given the nickname “honey badger” because she doesn’t give a shit about her critics.
      Later this translated to the HBB

  • Nezumi

    On today’s Nerd Revolt Rachel seemed interested in steam punk rpg’s, so I am suggesting “Iron Kingdoms”! It’s fun!

  • Hector James Haddow

    Seeing as it keeps getting mentioned on the show and is not on the site the paragraph friendly email is

  • Bryce Byerley

    @ hector: Stop Paragraph shaming me!

  • gondii

    I am naturally an extremely suspicious man. Imagine a wounded beast. Can
    I trust you to be genuinely MRAs and not just opportunistically riding
    the MRA political bandwagon? Does it ultimately matters when, in the
    end, one is judged on their actions and their results and not on their intentions, however nefarious they may be?

    • Paul Johnson

      I assure you the HBB is the real deal. Three of the ladies involved (who come to mind immediately) were central to the men’s movement before there was even such a thing as the HBB.

  • arrow2010
  • Lith Maethor

    I wonder if during one of the comic book/media related podcasts HBB ever commended on the old JLA 2-parter season 1 episode “Fury”. I recently watched it again and it was just… wow

  • Jon X Volquardsen
  • Anderson Torres

    Hello, Honey Badgers! I am Anderson Torres, a wannabe Computer Scientist from Brazil. I am running a personal blog with some translations, and I want to translate and release use some of your posts to Brazilian Portuguese here in my country.

    Can you grant to me permission to do that?

  • EndivioR

    Since you gave your site a makeover I find I can’t comment on posts unless they already had comments, like here. There just doesn’t seem to be anything to click on. This pisseth me off.

  • CeterisParibus

    As of 25Jan2016 at 5:00pm Central Time, the Rantzerker 35 is marked private. Did you know?

  • Steve Napier

    I’ve sent a few messages here and never got a reply, what’s up with that? I’m very respectful and topical.

  • arrow2010

    Just to let you guys know – Google Play Music now hosts podcasts.

  • Chris
  • epigeios

    How to make a Venn Diagram
    RE: The infamous venn diagram of mystery:

  • Peter

    A book review for entertainment,

    • Peter

      With some spelling mistakes sorted.

  • stewart

    wondered if you had seen this

    It is in your purview is it not?

  • Kyle Spence

    Excellent analysis of the world as it is.

  • MGTOW-man

    A great big thank you to the honey badgers…for being honest. Honesty is the ultimate measure of character especially when lying instead could have gained one so much more. Also, thank you for all you do for me as a man. I enjoyed meeting you at our conference. Didn’t get to say goodbye to each one of you. I look forward to future encounters.

  • AdVader

    i messaged the badgers this,

    like to listen to everyone who are debunking at least 3rd&4th wave feminism, btw mra&feminism are equal rights sjw’s, but as truth-finders and freedom-fighters, however, to me in the context of cultural postmodernism (identity/gender/equality politics) its bigotry while neglecting pro-choice, this in the constitutional context of pursuing happiness and developing human well being, in the context of natural rights and normal familylife, in the context of truth and freedom, what about that..

  • chrisbrady
  • Chris

    Shocking news, the Honeybadgers have infiltrated the PMO.

    There’s hope for human civilization after all.

  • Stephen Timmis

    Progressive does not equal Pro-Feminist silly-nonsense

  • Jeff Andrew

    I’ve joined several men’s issue groups on FB (particularly on the subject of intactivism) recently. As a gay man, I expected some…Oh I don’t know…discomfort from the predominantly straight men who have taken an interest in this subject. I have to say though I’ve encountered dissatisfaction with feminism, I haven’t encountered any “homophobia.” In fact I was encouraged to participate and was assured that seeking info on the subject from a “gay” perspective was quite alright. I’m not sure what point I’m even trying to make. Just that growing up in a conservative area, I was surprised at how quickly I was accepted as “one of the boys” in a few groups that focus on this subject.

  • Daniel Rudge

    Hello. Can someone reply to this so i can check my notifications are running ok?

    • Valchrist

      Beter late than never?

  • Dan Rich (doghouseUK)

    Where are all the good men? Probably in the pub….the clue is in the question.
    How much??? OK we’re on a sofa near a telly with a bottle of cheap booze. MGTOW was not quite what I was expecting. I thought the same thing would be termed by sexual identity, just like everyone else. I was looking forward to Autosexual pride marches…showing folk that wanking is often far more than a poor second choice for the desperate and lonely, but often choice one, especially with so many lasses thinking that treating a cock like a sink plunger proves they are virginal non-sluts worthy of proposal, rather than incompetent, selfish and dishonest manipulators presumably equally unable to stroke a cat without pulling it’s fur out. Penis Envy is a terrible master.

  • Dan Rich (doghouseUK)

    I’m very, very Jewish. Orthodox, extra schooling (which I hated) and etc. In the 47 +7/10 years since my circumcision I’ve added a fair amount of scarring to the area as well. I was a bit shocked to hear a veteran (20 years after wallstrike) feminist begin her college speech by claiming the term “bell end” to be antisemitic and muslimphobicish. She’s way too old not to have seen a few angry willies, but yet she thinks circumcised dicks don’t have bell-ends. What a retard! After rejecting the conclusions from a USC study that claimed the bell end is there to increase your partner’s pleasure, and the work done at Heidleberg that suggests it is to increase the owner’s pleasure during sex; UMIST (University of Manchester Instit of Sci & Tech) researchers disagree, claiming their own work proves beyond doubt that knob-ends are shaped that way so your hand doesn’t slip off. So, in conclusion, being Jewish and circumcised in no way reduces the fruit area of the “baby’s arm holding an orange” or prevents me from tugging one out and appreciating some excellent manual ergonomic synergy …without my hand slipping off. Musselman circumcision leaves the bell-end alone (I’m pretty sure male genital mutilation would be far less popular or legal if they were chopping off the fattest bit, sorry, I meant to say if they were chopping off the top 20%) I’m not sure you could fuck with a bisected bellystick even after 15 years healing..
    To sum up….this speaker has no clue what circumcision actually is…has never shagged a Jewboy or Mohammedan (Muslims are scared of lasses who aren’t virgins, but many Jews consider being a huge slut a very desirable wifely quality – I can only assume Muslim men are terrible lovers with cocks that only look ok if you never see a different one. Also, being forbidden from wanking makes them grumpy, since their bell-ends don’t stop their hands slipping off apart from while they enjoy some “bacon sandwich” ,time between hourly sessions of pointing their arses at god in praise of him….did anyone check the prophet wasn’t winding them up with that?
    I still can’t believe this cock-dodger’s ignorance. I’d have thought she’d enjoy seeing Week-old toxic rapists getting their just desserts.
    PS: TERMINOLOGY – English has a secret dictionary of rude expressions hidden in the A-Z 50 miles radius map of Manchester. Both Bell End and Knob End are there, proving their official status as English names for specific genital features. It also has a place called Dangerous Corner, which is a T-Junction and has no corner at all (it’s an accident black spot, so “Dangerous” fits just fine. I’ll be utterly shocked if the speaker turns out to be as non-antisemitic as she claims.. I wonder how she feels about Israel’s right to exist (and if she avoids being a hypocrite over Britain owning Gibralta, Malta, Norn Iron, BVI and so on. Students need to March in support of giving California back to Mexico …and Most of Texas..especially the Alamo. Seriously, nobody even bothered changing the roadsigns and maps into English, Amazing that enough miners spoke Spanish well enough for a proper big goldrush (see Treasure of the Sierra Mardre).

  • Alex Ligas

    You have seen it recently, Men in the Cajun Navy Rescuing people stuck in Hurricane Harvey’s aftermath. Or electricians working tirelessly to get electric back on after Hurricane Irma. And men using their bodies to shield their loved ones from harm. Introducing the “Dear Men, Thank You” Scholarship Essay Contest Application. “Not all of us can do great things. But we can do small things with great love.” Mother Theresa. I created this scholarship essay contest with that in mind. Even though the prize may be small, it just might make a difference in someone going past high school. It might even encourage him/her to attend. This Scholarship is open to ALL Senior High School Students. One spark may start someone on a journey of a lifetime. Winner will be announced November 19th on International Men’s Day. Click on link below for application. Winning student gets $100 scholarship paid to their school of their choice. The winning teacher gets $100 in school supplies of their choice. if you cant download an application contact me at

  • Frank The Other
  • Mr. Anonymouse
    I figured this could make a good talk. I was meh about it until I heard that a female P.E. teacher made the same statement as the Male one and recieved no disciplinary action.

  • DaltonPhantom

    Disney making a joke out of domestic assault against men and nobody noticed. 2:10 into the This Time of Year song from Olaf’s Frozen Adventure.