Comment Policy

For purposes of this document, all instances of “we,” “us,” and “our(s)” refer to the Honey Badger Brigade. All instances of “you” “your(s) and “yourself” refer to commenters.

By posting comments on the Honey Badger Brigade blog, you agree to the following terms and conditions:

Commenting on the Honey Badger Brigade blog is agreement to open discussion, including heated debate. It is therefore to be understood that disagreement, however vehement, does not constitute abuse and will not result in comment removal or a ban. You are responsible for yourself and the thoughts you express, as well as your reaction to other commenters, including your emotional responses. The Honey Badger Brigade is not responsible for commenter behavior, opinions expressed, disagreements or rivalries between commenters, or offense taken due to the heated nature of socio-political debate.

Anything you state here is fodder for discussion. While commenters who visit the blog to express an opposing viewpoint are welcome, we do reserve the right to archive, highlight, and critique comments left on the site. Your comments may be reproduced or reference elsewhere by anyone who sees them. The Honey Badger Brigade is not responsible for conflict, inconvenience, or perceived damages arising from anyone’s attention to anyone else’s comments.

In our stand against censorship, the Honey Badger brigade has repeatedly emphasized the importance of the open and free exchange, assessment, critique and refinement of concepts and ideas to promote knowledge and understanding. There is no area where this is of greater importance than socio-political discussion, where knowledge and understanding become building blocks in the structure of our society.

For this reason, we will not censor comment topics, or remove them due to complaints about “hate speech” or other wrong-think labels. This policy is not an endorsement of any commenter’s political perspective, religious (or non-religious,) prejudices, or other personally held belief system. It is an endorsement of free but critical thought, and a statement that no one’s assertions, no matter how dearly are held the opinions or beliefs on which they’re based, are sacred or above scrutiny, including our own.

However, we also recognize that certain types of speech can inhibit, rather than be part of, the free exchange of ideas. We do endorse lively, even heated debate. We do not endorse criminal activity, and we do not accept spam. We do not take responsibility for your comments but comments advocating criminal violence or other illegal acts will be removed and at our discretion may result in your account being banned from commenting on site. With that in mind, the following 5 things will not be tolerated on the Honey Badger Brigade blog:

1) Advocating violence.

This is not to limit discussions about the military, the right of self-defense, acknowledgement that violence is not a gendered behavior, referencing capital punishment in conjunction with a related topic, or any other discussion acknowledging and evaluating violence as a human behavior. Advocating is a direct thing. This rule refers specifically to comments suggesting, stating plans for, or otherwise endorsing the commission of violent acts and is limited to such.

2) Advocating illegal activity.

Again, this is a direct thing. It does not refer to critique of existing law, wherein a commenter might assert disagreement with letter or enforcement. It refers specifically to comments suggesting, stating plans for, or otherwise endorsing the commission of criminal acts and is limited to such.

3) Criminal threats.

This does not include rude statements commonly known as threatoids, which involve wishing ill on an individual without stating intent to make it happen. A criminal threat is a statement of intent to commit a crime against an individual or group.

4) Defamation

This rule uses the legal/criminal definition of defamation. “I think person X is an idiot” isn’t defamation. Publishing something that is falsely defamatory which causes or is intended to cause the subject harm or loss is defamation.

5) Spam

We will not remove comments with links to relevant information, related blogs, artwork, or other discussions. We will remove actual spam such as work at home scams.

This policy is subject to change without prior notice.

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  • milopian tubes

    We know the Honey Badgers are LYING about their censorship policies and practices. Here’s proof of their fraud:

    • Anita Sarsleezian

      Even more proof of Karen’s LIES

    • ClaudeL

      LOL! Someone’s tiny epeen is struggling to break free.

  • Isaac

    I turn 22 on the 9th of September, and I think I might be twice as scared about men’s future in western societies as I was on my last birthday, so as a present to myself, I’ve decided to invest in my future by donating to The Badger Cave. I wish I could bring myself not to admire you Alison, but your bravery, determination, and compassion are amazing to me. Best wishes.

    • Tomás Allende Conte

      That’s so fucking sweet…when I turned 22 I was a self hating gay feminist so, glad to see people are figuring this out earlier, best of luck!

  • Christopher Vause

    Has anyone thought of writing a victim narrative for people on the spectrum?I like matt, know what it is like to be lifelong attacked for having the wrong thinking process, as victim narrative is all about the oppressed minority. But know this, most in this group are men, so this would challenge feminists therefore and needs to be oppressed. How dare the ignored speak themselves.

  • LWebster

    27 minutes into the 7/26 episode of The Ben Shapiro show the Valenti piece in The NY Times on boys and feminism is addressed

  • LWebster

    According to the US census bureau both men and women lie about the female partner in a heterosexual relationship makes more and in the book, When She Makes More by Farnoosh Torabi a Cornell Univ. study is cited showing that in couples 18-28 a man that is solely dependent on the woman is 5 times more likely to cheat than a man who earns the same amount as the woman. Also, woman solely dependent on the men is 1/2 as likely to cheat as a woman who makes the same as the man.

  • LWebster

    I’ll stop mansplaining when you start woman understanding. – Andrew Klavan