“No More Games” And “Geek Masculinity”


Anna Cameron, a sociology PhD candidate at the University of Virginia, recently had a paper of hers published in Gnovis Journal. This paper is entitled “No More Games: An Intersectional Approach To Geek Masculinity And Marginalization In Video Gaming Culture.” Of course this comes from the usual cesspool of Grievance Studies in the academy, and as such has little genuine scholarship...

A Memo To Australian Women


The Eurydice Dixon rape-murder is not about you.
There is a time for theory and levelheaded discussion. But there is also time for polemic and we have reached that moment.
Let me reiterate: the atrocious tragedy which occurred to Eurydice Dixon did not happen to you, and unless Ms.…

Gay Men Are Not Oppressed? Really?


Britain’s National Union of Students recently claimed that LGBT student societies affiliated with the NUS should not have specific gay male representatives on the grounds that gay males are not oppressed within LGBT culture (). Many people took this article and misinterpeted it as a claim that gay men are not oppressed at all, but this article is still telling of a great shift within the...

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