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The Dangers and Potential Consequences of Porn Addiction with Alana Parekh | Fireside Chat 207


Hello and welcome to Honey Badger Radio’s Fireside Chat where we talk with special and interesting guests that might be discussing things that run parallel to men’s issues and the issues facing men and women. This week we are speaking with Alana Parekh, who is a YouTuber who specializes in trying to move people away from over consumption of pornography.…

Catching Up With The Centre for Male Psychology With Dr. John Barry | Fireside Chat 206


Join us on the Fireside Chat with special returning guest Dr. John Barry of the Centre for Male Psychology! The Centre for Male Psychology evolved from the success of the UK-based Male Psychology Network (MPN). The seeds of this voluntary organization were sown by a letter from consultant clinical psychologist Martin Seager, published in the BPS Psychologist magazine in December 2010.…

Speaking With Brendan Marotta on the Use of Critical Theory to Protect Children | Fireside Chat 203


Join us on the Fireside Chat with special guest Brendan Marotta regarding his newest book Children’s Justice. In Children’s Justice, Marotta builds the case for using Left wing tactics and tools to end male genital mutilation. Chiefly among these is the idea of using Critical Theory and Social Justice to appeal to institutions and hopefully put the discussion of children’s...

Speaking With Tolkien Lore Enthusiasts on the Culture War That Has Come For Them | Fireside Chat 202


Join us on the Fireside Chat with special guests as we discuss the issues faced by Tolkien lore enthusiasts on YouTube and other social media spaces as a product of being caught up in the culture war. Can one remain neutral on the position of whether or not the new Amazon series The Rings of Power or should they speak out?…

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