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Call In Show! The Fight For Men’s Rights or the Fight for Men’s Identity? | Brian’s Badger Lodge


Join us on the Badger Lodge Call In Show where I will give YOU the mic and ask that you respond to a video! This time we will be looking at an article by the men’s rights website called newsofx to respond to an article from long time men’s advocate Allan Lee Millard entitled “Misandry is not to be disguised as a form of Masculinity” where he seems to argue that in...

Responding to Chloe Roma’s Video About Why Women Fear Men With Vernon Meigs | Brian’s Badger Lodge


Join us on the Badger Lodge as we take a look at a recent video released by one of the most popular YouTubers on the subject of “Men’s Issues” Chloe Roma. Chloe is a youtuber with over half a million subs who mainly talks about “double standards” in the dating sphere and the ways that women can be abusive to men.…

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