Feminist gay-bashing

Have you noticed how much hatred feminists direct at MGTOW guys? Is it just because they can’t be bothered to distinguish between PUAs, MRAs, and MGTOW, or is there more to it? I think there is. I think if we look at feminism’s record on gay men, the Ultimate MGTOW, we can see what’s really going on.…

FEMALE PRIVILEGE – Covert abuse as part of the traditional female role

Dr. Tara Palmatier had an article up about a month ago that I posted to the Men’s Rights subreddit. The article listed the specific tactics a female abuser uses:

1. Keep your Mask on at All Times
2. Damsels in Distress are Hawt!
3. Sex Bomb!
4. Rinse, Wash, Repeat and Put Him on a Long Silken Leash.

TALES OF THE RED PILL – Feminist Allies of MRAs

Something you notice almost immediately in a space like Reddit MensRights is the number of women, often self-identified feminists, sometimes ex-feminists, who come by curious about a subreddit they have heard denounced as misogynistic, and have a look for themselves – or who are just interested in men’s issue and think that’s a good place check out.…

TALES OF THE RED PILL – Occupy Misandry!

Here is a very interesting article from someone in an interesting demographic. This is the same demographic that is plastering Vancouver with MRM posters and provoking and exposing a very nasty, violent backlash – anarchist men and “goth punks”.

TALES OF THE RED PILL – Hogpunk’s Journey

Commenter Hogpunk contributed a comment in my thread about sons of feminists that I found so to the point that I asked if I could post it as an article, and he has graciously assented:


Hello Genderratic,

Gingko asked me for permission to post this comment I made on your blog; this is a cleaned up and very slightly altered version which I am more happy with.…