CategoryDefeating the Feminist Frame

“No More Games” And “Geek Masculinity”


Anna Cameron, a sociology PhD candidate at the University of Virginia, recently had a paper of hers published in Gnovis Journal. This paper is entitled “No More Games: An Intersectional Approach To Geek Masculinity And Marginalization In Video Gaming Culture.” Of course this comes from the usual cesspool of Grievance Studies in the academy, and as such has little genuine scholarship...

Empathy apartheid – Deflections and dismissals


This post appeared previously at Genderratic when it was an independent blog, and sections of it contain direct quotations from commenters on that post: TDOM, cicero, Adiabat, and dungone. Empathy apartheid takes maintenance. If it isn’t maintained and policed, people’s basic humanity will lead them to show empathy for the people their society has deemed undeserving of it and the system will...

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