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Honey Badger Radio: Feminist Grinches


Writer of satirical article has his home vandalized by SJWs Omar Mahmood, a student at the University of Michigan, was barred from writing in a student newspaper on campus after controversy erupted over an article he’d written. The article in question, “Do the Left Thing,” was a satirical piece poking fun at the ultra-liberal, overly sensitive branch of political left (aka...

Honey Badger Radio: #ShirtStorm


On November 12, 2014, scientist Matt Taylor landed a spacecraft on a comet. But as scientists rejoiced over this feat of extreme difficulty, all feminists could think about was what he was wearing.
The aftermath of TIME‘s word ban poll
Last week we reported an annual TIME poll, calling for the ban of  the word feminist.…

Honey Badger Radio: #notyourshield


As the battle of #GamerGate rages on, the Social Justice Warriors have finally found their kryptonite. Not in bigotry or hatred, but in passionate women and minorities who are tired of being exploited.
On October 15, 2014, two months after it began, #GamerGate had its fairest piece of mainstream media coverage.…

Slamming the door in Hans’s face


The Disney movie Frozen has been praised by many for being “original” with its main conflict, that being the relationship between Anna, the film’s princess, and Hans, who is supposed to be the evil Prince Charming. However, I disagree with the view that the relationship issues Frozen presents are well written and worthy of praise, which damages the entire conflict of the movie.…

Don’t Dodge the Bullet


The Internet is full of debates … nay, arguments. A debate implies civility and intelligence by both parties; arguments, well … at least one party has to be the fool. By fool, I mean the one who throws insults, goes off point, refuses evidence, and keeps dragging everyone back into the fray when the horse is clearly dead and further kicking wouldn’t help the smell of it; a child having a tantrum...

Gender elitism from the Elite Daily


Lauren Martin is a writer for Elite Daily, and she wrote a beautifully condescending piece on why women should ask men out. There is apparently a lack of appropriate suitors for single women. Lauren’s explanation is not that there is culture of fear and mistrust perpetuated by years of gynocentric diatribe, but that men are a bunch of pussies.…

The KSUM Fundraiser is almost over!


I’m a proud member of the Brigade, and I’ve always wanted to see it succeed. It is for that reason I built this website as a portal to the creative side of the men’s human rights movement and as an outlet for the women who blaze a trail through the political wilderness.…