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Woke Gillette’s Carolyn Tastad: “We Have a Responsibility to Challenge Masculinity” | HBR News 212


Join us on the HBR News show as we look at the honks of the week in clownworld, from #metoo claiming comedian Chris Kattan and Martin Luther King, to the strange snapchat filter that speaks of love knowing know age, and the big story is Gillette’s Carolyn Tastad on the reason why we have to challenge toxic masculinity with woke advertising.…

Facebook Drove Away Alex Jones, Anti-Vaxxers, Alt-Righters and Now Crossfit?! | HBR News 211


Join us on the HBR News show as we discuss the news of the week, including Facebook Censoring posts put out by low-carb diet enthusiasts, a false rape claim that caused someone to die, the science of sexist air-conditioning, and more! Tune in @6pm Eastern 0:24 – 0:41 —- Intro 1:01 – 1:27 —- Summary 3:40 – 4:59 —- 8Chan and vice 20:18 – 21:59 —...

Talking #ComicsGate With Ben Dunn, Comic Artist and Founder of Antarctic Press | Fireside Chat 115


Join us on the Fireside Chat as we talk with comic book artist and founder of publisher Antarctic Press Ben Dunn about comics, culture and more! Tune in @3pm Eastern! 0:52 – 1:38 —- Intro 3:01 – 3:26 —- Current projects 11:50 – 12:36 —- Tomorrow Man 13:41 – 14:46 —-The Comics universe 17:15 – 19:59 —- Arealar 23:27 – 23:59 —...

Mike Buchanon Milkshaked, Naomi Wolf Does an Oopsie and New Egard Watches Ad | Week in Men’s Rigts


Join us on this Week in Men’s Rights show as we look at the latest things going on in the MRAsphere, from the milkshaking of Mike Buchanon to the newest ad from Egard Watch Company and more! Tune in @7pm Eastern! (time subject to change) 0:31 – 0:45 —- Intro 3:29 – 4:40 —- The milkshake incident (Part 1) 6:11 – 6:34 —- The milkshake incident (Part 2)...

Sargon vs. Angry Feminist Cult member, Sneaks in Several MRA Points | HBR Debate 8


Join us on the HBR Debate as we look at a… discussion between Carl Benjamin and an angry feminist who has brought her phone with all the bad bad not very nice things Carl has said on YouTube in the past. How did he do? Tune in @8pm Eastern! 0:30 – 0:45 —- Intro 2:29 – 3:33 —- Video’s tone 3:38 – 3:50 —- Setting the stage 7:19 – 9:34 —...