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Badger Pod Nerd Cast 8: Attack on Titan


Five Guys Burgers and Fries Indie game developer Zoe Quinn was revealed to have been sleeping with five guys at the same time, none of whom were her boyfriend. Infidelity aside, it’s who those five men are that is the cause for controversy. The men in question are Nathan Grayson: a gaming journalist for Kotaku and rock paper shotgun; Brandon McCartin: the creator of Fez; Kyle Pulver: indie...

Badger Pod Nerd Cast 7


Female Ghostbusters by DoctorRandomerCam In the summer of 1984—the dawn of the equinox of the eighties—Dan Aykroyd, Harold Ramis, and Bill Murray made a movie that no one has ever disliked. Eight-year-olds love it for exactly the same reason 50-year-olds love it: it’s fun, it’s simple, it’s compelling, it’s inventive, and it has that holiest of holy grails—it does not take...

Badger Pod Nerd Cast Three


Rapeman: the hero we deserve
By: Rachel Edwards
My experiences with hentai are a mile long. So you might say that I was asking for this review. But jokes aside, I found the plot of rapeman to be a feel good black comedy for the ages. If there isn’t room for rapeman in your hearts, you can be assured that he will force his way in.…

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