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The badgers take on the most egregious gender bigots out there.

The legacy of Valerie Solanas


I first encountered Valerie Solanas back in 2008 when I checked out a DVD from my local library. In my hands I held a copy of a film entitled, “I Shot Andy Warhol.” The bio pic is probably the one of the best unintentional arguments for anti-feminism that I have ever seen.…

Laci Green, the Confirmation Bias Machine


I really wanted to like Laci Green. We have a lot in common. We’re both Atheists. We both grew up in heavily religious families. We both did research on sex in our early teens, and we both have a preference for large dorky glasses. This practically writes itself as a resume for being someone I’d be down with, but there’s just one huge problem.…

Suey Park and the White Devil!


In the past week a campaign on twitter moved to have the Colbert Report taken off the air. What started as a joke poking fun at obvious racism, turned into a move to take town a television show that a feminist activist found to be offensive. It should come as no surprise that feminists have again shown that they lack a real sense of humor.…

Anita Lied


By: Rachel Edwards
The men’s rights movement is no stranger to feminism in the media. On occasion feminists find themselves on a large platform, but very few capture attention like Anita Sarkeesian. While the average radical gets noticed on Youtube, Anita has made national news.…

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