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The situation in Spain


Hello Badgers, Cassius here again. I’ve told you a few things before about my experiences with feminism and men’s rights in Spain, but now I would like to paint a broader picture for you, in case you are not familiar with the situation: Feminism is mainstream, it is a must for every political party and to disagree with a feminist is exposing yourself to lots of “machista”...

Letter to the badgers


Be a Feminist It’s okay to be a Feminist Because we know women bleed and bear seed But don’t dare be a Male Rights Activists Because we all know Men ain’t got no need We all know men don’t cry They die only because they have to Empty the trash Thats just what men do Carry that rock and don’t talk Because that’s what women do Only women are pretty Don’t...

Feminism is not a religion


Hi Badgers,
I have frequently heard you describe feminism as a religion but I believe you are wrong. A religion is a dogmatic ideology, but the concepts are defined and the goalposts don’t move.
Feminism is actually an industry.
It is rooted in manufacturing moral outrage, and outrage grabs headlines and sells.…

Etymology again


Hi Alison and Mike
It was very amusing to watch: The Ragening 19: Heel Thyself
But I still want to point out the etymology again just for fun *S*:
Adam does not mean “the (were)man”. Eve is not “the woman”. But
is it rather up your alley: Adam simply means *the red handsome earth being* or “human” or “humankind”.…

Ten commandments Swedish feminists want all men to read


Greetings Badgers, I discovered your show a few months back and I love you guys and have been listening almost non stop for said months now. You guys have brought me joy, anger and frustration, and Alison’s passionate speeches have moved me to tears, at my workplace where I weld, suffer high risks of death from explosions, poisoning, crushing, falling, burning, impalement, and where I flip...

Conspicuous silence


Hi again badgers! Belthazor3457 again, remember me? I made a video talking about life at private religious schools recently and observed an interesting reaction in regard to feminists. The video was posted on the atheism reddit and a couple other subreddits, but despite presenting a clear issue that effected women (and men) in the video in regard to enforcement of gender roles, a couple...


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