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The Honey Badger Brigade is a collective of artists, techies and frothing lunatics that spawns radio shows, podcasts, animations, illustrations, comedy, comics, fiction and other brainchildren.

We defend freedom of expression and believe all artistic works and social commentary should have unfettered access to compete in the market place of ideas. As such we oppose those who seek to restrict freedom of expression to expressions that don’t step on their very wide and very long toes. In fact we suspect the joy for these individuals is not in expression or sharing expression or even critiquing it but in rejecting it as immoral. Once they infect a creative community, they eat through it by ejecting more and more artistic expression as impure and sinful till all that remains is a burnt out husk populated solely by individuals trying to throw each other out of it.

Our hobbies include not caring, biting of the heads of toxic snakes and scaring naive explorers that wander too close to our crib.

We all came together because of a mutual interest in men’s issues, which can be observed in most of our work. We touch on women’s issues as well, but we do not shy away from critiquing feminine vices. The main women’s issue we grapple with is how the politicizing of female victimhood through misleading or outright false statistics traps women in an emotionally abusive web of punditry and public manipulation.

Some of the men’s issues we handle directly are:

  • Suicide
  • Homelessness
  • Veteran health
  • Child custody
  • Male victims of rape and domestic abuse
  • False rape allegations

All of the above extend from the effects of male disposability, which is the tendency of society to judge men by their usefulness and dispose of them when they are no longer useful.

When you put our two conceptions of gender issues together you get gender apostasy, a system of analyzing gender that falls outside the traditional approach of man as actor and women as acted upon. Culturally we see men as an active, oppressive agent and a woman as a passive, weak victim (This Gender Dynamics Index gives a comprehensive rundown of the tropes used to portray male and female characters in fiction and how they interact). We stopped giving a fuck about that traditional outlook and adopted the idea that men and women are people with thoughts and feelings.

We express ourselves through several media, but we are best known for our weekly call-in radio shows. The Honey Badger Radio show is broadcast on A Voice For Men’s Live365 Channel and made available on YouTube and Libsyn thanks to independent donors who are both patrons of the arts and visionaries of a more equitable future.

Although we’re not the type to shy away from a fight we also believe that the future lies not in attacking the status quo but building a new mythos. As such we promote and create art that embodies the principles of gender apostasy–challenging the traditional moral typecasting of women as victims or damsels and men solely heroes and villains.

If you want to escape the tropes of old and write a new story, then come with us. We are the myth makers, the dreamers of dreams, the geeks, the nerds, the outcasts and those who hunger for the horizon.

We are Honey Badgers and nothing can contain us.

Disclaimer: Due to our belief in the market place of ideas, we only offer ours for your edification. Let them rise and fall on their own merits.

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  • Brian Pansky

    “a system of analyzing gender that falls outside the traditional approach of man as actor and women as acted upon.”

    What does this mean? Does this mean that when men are acting upon women you just don’t “see” it that way? Or does it mean that you think men acting upon women occurs just as frequently as the reverse?

    • Sarah Sutherland

      The explanation is the plainly obvious. The usual approach is to start with men as the perpetrators. When all forms of abuse and gender should be analyzed as a whole, rather than
      starting with one group, or basing it on a traditional viewpoint. That way, no one is left ignored or abandoned when trying to stamp out forms of abuse.

      But somehow, out of that simple, clear sentence you somehow decided they dismiss when it happens to women, and even /hope/ it happens to them in some bizarre attempt to make things even. It doesn’t even make any statements on how frequent it happens to either. That is some impressive mental gymnastics there.

      • Brian Pansky

        I don’t think the sentence is clear at all. Your explanation is much clearer!

        • Ohone

          The usual approach starts with women as victims and men as perpetrators.

          This incorrectly labels men as a group as the perpetrators, when in reality women are the primary perpetrators in family settings.

        • sam

          I think I understand it. Our shared culture has a gender preconception whereby we default to assuming male=actor=(how did they initiate the chain of events that led to some problem). While there are many unambiguous situations where this default assumption lines up with the truth, there are also many situations where this default assumption leads to an unfair burden of preexisting male guilt that prevents us from objectively evaluating the situation. In aggregate, this effect is such that it leads us to generalizations that turn out to be wrong even though they seem like common sense. An additional effect is that it is self reinforcing the gender perception bias.

          A real world example is domestic abuse where the generally accepted understanding is that men are overwhelmingly perpetrators, and females are overwhelmingly victims. In reality this is not true. In RL, women are shown to have a greater predisposition to initiating physical violence against the other gender than do men. So how do we explain the difference between reality and perception. That is what the video is partially attempting to do.

          Take two cases, one in which you see a man hitting a woman in public, and one in which you see a woman hitting a man in public. Bystanders are overwhelming likely to assume that the woman is justified in her behavior because of some preaction by the man, whereas almost no bystanders scrutinize the woman’s behavior in the same way. It would be fair to hold both genders to the same standard, but that will require a lot of work for people to overcome these cultural biases.

          Unfortunately, this work seems impossible because almost anytime someone makes a reasoned argument about this side of the issue, they are labelled sexist or worse. In order to make progress on an issue like this requires that the discussion participants behave consistently rational and reasonable, and abstain from ad hominem attacks. I’m not hopeful . . .

      • dearnoe

        MRAs are too cowardly to debate anyone about their fanatical childish views on women. Even Karen Straughan herself ducked a live debate challenge from manhood 101. c o m

        • Blarghhhhhh

          Are you retarded? Honey Badger Radio had like five debates with that Kevin guy.

        • LostAlone

          Manhood academy is a cult, not part of the MRM.

          • Anita Sarkeesian

            The MRA cowards love to make accusations but have no balls to back them up. You scared little girls are a joke!

          • sam

            Funny! not true, but funny is more important . . .

      • august printable calendar

        We express ourselves through several media, but we are best known for our weekly call-in radio shows. The Honey Badger Radio show is broadcast on A Voice For Men’s Live365 Channel and made available on YouTube and Libsyn thanks to independent donors who are both patrons of the arts and visionaries of a more equitable future.

      • september 2018 calendar

        If you want to escape the tropes of old and write a new story, then come with us. We are the myth makers, the dreamers of dreams, the geeks, the nerds, the outcasts and those who hunger for the horizon.

      • 2018 september calendar

        The Honey Badger Brigade is a collective of artists, techies and frothing lunatics that spawns radio shows, podcasts, animations, illustrations, comedy, comics, fiction and other brainchildren.

    • Jared Ouimette

      Dat hair though. Did you kill a squirrel and glue its tail to your head?

  • Brian Pansky

    Start of the video “if we see Jill as strong, it’s difficult to see Jill as a victim”. This is puzzling. If someone is strong, they can still be wronged, which is all that “victim” means. So if you meant something else, I can’t tell what.

    EDIT: ahhh, you lay out your peculiar definitions right after that. Strength is actor, victim is acted upon. Fun. You’re playing word games that no one needs to care about.

    • LostAlone

      Except feminists very much do assert that belief. Every popular feminist speaks at length about the subject/object dichotomy and how this is so dreadful for women. The argument here is that by drawing lines between subject and object is damaging to both sides because it robs one of the right to be vulnerable, and the other the chance to be strong. She’s arguing that ignoring anyone’s agency is an abdication of their personhood and that the societal standard that men are not allowed to be vulnerable absolute is alive and well.

      This is primarily why men kill themselves; because when they feel vulnerable and even victimised there is a whole movement who will tell them to shut up because you’re a man and thus your feelings don’t matter. And in the end these men kill themselves, because they come to believe that having feelings means they are not a man and they cannot speak or express them. These pressures to be ‘actors’ is what makes men feel there is no way out.

      And this is why we need to both totally discard the outdated and myopic feminist view of the world as well as create new works that help us to see the world differently; both things that HBB is focused on doing.

    • Honey Badger Brigade

      Moral typecasting is an observed and empirically proven psychological phenomena. We very much do place people into two roles “actor” and “acted upon”.

    • Carls Ill

      “‘our belief that men are solely actors and women are solely acted upon’ except no one has that belief except the pathetic straw enemy you just invented.”

      They most certainly do. I can’t speak for everyone, but I know that’s the case in my experience. Men are FAR less likely to report abuse because either we’re told we’re weak if we let a woman hit us, or we just don’t even realize it’s abuse.

      It was inside a crowded bar when saw my cousin’s girlfriend closed-fist hit him in the mouth HARD because he said something she didn’t like. The response from the people around us? “Man, he must’ve said something pretty fucked up.” and “I wouldn’t let my boyfriend talk to me like that, either.” I can’t imagine the responses would have been the same if he had punched her in the mouth first. Just like most female on male violence and the many other times she punched him in the face, this went unreported.

      I once had a girlfriend attack me because she saw me trying to video tape her ransacking my house. I called the police (reluctantly because of the belief system you claim doesn’t exist) and I was the one charged with the assault that she committed. It was all eventually dropped, but it took months and the audio evidence to prove my innocence. The funny thing is that while this case was pending, I was at the court house one day when I saw a man trying to report his girlfriend for domestic violence. I heard the clerk laugh and say, “Yeah, I’m pretty sure you can handle this yourself.” Imagine what would happen if he did handle it himself.

      I was waiting in line at a fast food restaurant the other day where a female cashier had a black eye. I heard the old women around me in line saying how her boyfriend probably did that, and she should report it and get away from him. They knew nothing at all about this woman, yet they somehow sure a man did it. Are you still claiming that we don’t have this conception that men are the actors and women are acted upon? When’s the last time you saw a guy with a black eye and thought his girlfriend probably did it? When’s the last time you saw a woman with a black eye or a fat lip and didn’t assume her boyfriend did?

      I hope that the reason you think that this line of thinking doesn’t exist is because you don’t adhere to it. However, I will tell you that it certainly does exist, and I know because I have experienced it.

      • sam

        Just spoke to a friend who’s girlfriend was taken to jail for domestic abuse. She had been abusing him for several years off and on, several times with witnesses. He had previously called the police several times. The first 3 times he was laughed at and ignored, the 4th time the police came and arrested him, even though he was the victim, and finally this time, after the abuse was on the front lawn and a neighbor intervened from them taking him away, the police got the message and did the right thing. This is anecdotal, and yet is a story that is very common.

  • Brian Pansky

    The video also lies that feminists think that talking about how men are acted upon will take something from women.

    • Ohone

      Feminism and feminists in general have been fighting hard against efforts to allow men’s issues in the gender equality movement and attacking people that talk about mens issues out side the narrow scope of feminist approved men’s issues with false accusations and other smear tactics for decades now.

      Go to any feminist area and start talking about male disposibility, the fact female to male abuse is deliberately covered up and or minimized in statistics, or false accusations or anyway that men are acted upon by the state and see what happens.

      • Mailperson

        I did.

        Maybe, as a European, I was a bit naive and unprepared for what I was getting into. But that quickly changed when after just a few polite postings everything, and I mean literally EVERYTHING, was ‘Detected as Spam’.


        To summarize: Shirley Holmes is breaking Sherlock’s Rule Nr.1 at every conceivable corner.

        Can’t deny I was a little shaken by the sheer insanity I’ve witnessed. Am I a survivor now? Where can I cash in my victimhood check?

    • LostAlone

      Feminists. Not women. Feminists think men being seen as victims will take something away from them. And they are correct.

      Feminists derive all their political power by claiming to be victims. This makes them ‘special’ and deserving of unique support. They can only retain that power (and that privilege) by being uniquely victimized. If everyone is a victim and everyone is deserving of support suddenly there is no need for feminism at all and all their jobs in feminist pressure groups and gender studies departments and even at Feminist Frequency suddenly vanish.

      To put it as simply as possible; those who make money campaigning for inequality stand to lose substantially by the arrival of equality. That is how you can tell feminists are massively disingenuous as well as not advocating equality. They do not care about women. They care about themselves and their power.

      They do not want equality, they want to be in charge. Their creedo is (at it’s core) that some people need to be made more equal than others.

  • AllWaysTalking

    I had read about your banishment and while trying to figure out what happened and who the players were I came across your “The idea that men and women are people with thoughts and feelings” which defines your movement for me. You can’t beat the ‘mob’ with their methods so stop wasting your time. Satire and stealth will get better results than debating with a mob since that is an oxymoron.

  • surlybastard

    There’s no bigger pussy than a men’s rights activist.

    • Andrejovich Dietrich

      Ah, but there is…

    • dearnoe

      speaking of gigantic pussy caverns….

    • wchmara

      Are you seriously using a slang term for female pudendum as a slur?!?!!!!
      You cunt.

  • jhkrischel

    Feminism truly is a poisonous, myopic and demeaning mindset. Not just the soft bigotry of low expectations, but the absolute demand for ideological purity bordering on the pathological.

    I would probably get a more meaningful and respectful response from arguing with hard-core muslim misogynists who believe women shouldn’t be educated than from cry-rape-culture feminists who believe all women are victims.

    • milopian tubes

      Speaking of poisonous liars, Karen Straughan caught LYING AGAIN!

    • Anita Sarkeesian

      Once again Karen Straughan is caught LYING. She CENSORS her critics and tries to EXTORT MONEY from them when that doesn’t work. We have her emails to prove it!

      • Jere Krischel

        And exactly what does your troll post do to address the poisonous, myopic, and demeaning mindset of feminism?

        “Oooh, look, shiny! Feminism is right!”


        Do you comprehend just how clueless it is of you to respond to my assertion that feminists can’t give meaningful responses by giving a completely meaningless response?


        • awiier9l

          Time to remove your head from your a sshole. /facepalm

          • Machaeus

            Uh…pretty sure that’s Jere’s line.

          • Machaeus

            Hey. Hey. Hey awiier9l.

            You stole Jere’s line.

            Also: Blegh, goofed earlier.

          • awiier9l

            u sound stupid lol!

          • Machaeus

            Obvious troll is obvious

            -9001/10, next time shoot yourself in the crotch, it’ll be more effective

          • awiier9l

            u mad little girl? lol wipe the cum off your lips :)

        • Anita Sarsleezian


      • Hardy Handshake

        All I heard in the above video was some really poor quality audio of a bunch of juveniles screaming and swearing. I presume they were the people who wanted to challenge Karen to a debate?

        • Anita Sarsleezian

          scared little bi itch lol! U MAD? 😉

      • Alexander Hamilton

        Why don’t you focus on the arguments rather than making ad hominem attacks?… you are employing a fallacy as the basis of your arguments… (this is a rhetorical question troll)

      • Morgan

        Anita Sarsleezian if you ever even bothered to wonder why some people don’t like you it’s because of this. You claim that feminism is about equality and yet whenever anyone, including other feminists, bring up Men’s issues you shoot them down and call them horrible horrible names. I put up with that for a good 15 years and I’m fucking done. I’m done listening to you people. I’m done listening to women tell me that my 12 year old son is a danger. I’m done listening to women tell me that my father wasn’t a domestic abuse victim because he didn’t have a vagina. I’m sick and tired of being told that my father and my son are the enemy. And I’m sick and tired of women like you. You give all of us a bad name. This is also why I unsubscribed to your YouTube channel.

      • David Davi

        More rhetoric and virtue signaling to come, I suppose, right??…. As Dr. Evil once said


  • ambio

    You all are fucking insane. I really have nothing else to add.

    • Blarghhhhhh

      Thanks socjus.

    • Robert Crayle

      What part of “frothing lunatics” confused you.

  • NHLfarmteams

    I love you guys and gals. I was just reading an article regarding the current state of social justice warriors and thought I would share it with you. It’s written by a male student attending BYU and is measured and logical. Hope you enjoy.

  • Patrick Davis

    From what I’ve seen of Karen Staughan, I think I fully agree with and support what you are doing. I will be following this group closely from here on out. Keep up the amazing work you guys!!!
    P.S. Sucks what happened the Calgary Expo :( (I know I probably am a few months too late though) But do not be discouraged!! The more people try to hinder and supress the truth, the more the truth becomes revealed! Do not give up!!!

  • Roninfor

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  • Imran

    great work..I can’t thank you enough for being part of this and doing this as a woman in the West. I came across this site yesterday. This morning when I watched the end of typhon video it brought tears in my eyes and I was shocked knowing this is first time I cried in my life realizing how vulnerable I am today as a man and I dont have any credible and just authority to turn to after being abused by women and constantly ridiculed by the society. Please keep doing what you doing and I’d support your effort. Thanks again, it only made me stronger than yesterday and even tho I never committed and crime against woman or mistreated them, I just couldn’t take anymore the Everest amount of dissatisfaction I carried within me almost since my adolescence, being judged as an oppressor and incompetent by the society at the same time expecting me to be the best white knight provider, and often rude attitude by women towards me for no reason. It all didn’t just make any sense and I knew in the bottom of my heart it is not natural something WRONG. I forwarded your podcast with Mercedes to my friends and got a response “where did you find this honey badger!”.You definitely doing a HUGE favor to both men and women that would definitely purify some water from the ocean of pollution that we have today making this world a better place to live in again. Thanks

    • perfectlyfadeddelusions

      Big hugs

  • Jaycephus

    Why is devoid of links to the Patreon and the separate site of Feed the Badger? Seems highly disorganized here. I literally want to donate, and can’t find the site. (Well, not from here, at least. I’m a supporter on Patreon, so I’m headed there next to find the Feed the Badger link.)

  • David Davi

    This collective is the hugest breath of fresh air I could have in recent times. I have been directly affected by the rabid nature of modern Feminism and the new pseudo-socialist mob mentality which drives it’s engine. My life was literally ruined by a group of Women due to my views, unorthodox ways of intimacy/relationships, and “controversial” realisms. I was raised by a phenomenal Woman, and have always treated Women in a fair and sane way, yet I have not had the righteous experience in reciprocation I felt I would as a child, based on my mother’s teachings. Needless to say, I have never been a misogynist or had hateful issues with Women, but my life has been ravaged by wrath of certain insane Females, ironically who have ties to modern Feminism. Thank you Honey Badgers, for being a voice for unlawfully vilified Men. It really does give me hope for modern American Humans in any sense! :)

  • CPeterson

    Where are the women who genuinely respect and appreciate good men? I went my own way before men going their own way was kool, because man-hating and demonizing is so pervasive that it’s impossible to develop meaningful relationships with most women. Even if they don’t intend to say and do grossly sexist things, they refuse to acknowledge bad behaviors, let alone apologize and make amends. Why should they? All of society is telling them women can do no wrong, and men can’t be victims.
    Groups like this give me hope, but not much. At least I know there are good women out there, even if there isn’t one for me.

  • Linden Turner

    Great resource for understanding the toxic dance between men and women and how poisonous women can be without either gender really understanding how/why is “The Adam and Eve Sindrome” by Roy Masters,

    Mr. Masters,90 year old now and a former de-hypnotist, offers profound insight into the subconscious of both men and women.
    I highly recommend his books and tapes.