Prison Rape Statistics


I recall seeing a study that found that inmate-on-inmate rape is actually at a higher rate in women’s prisons than in men’s prisons. However, now I’m having a great deal of difficulty finding the study again.
So due to my laziness, I’m starting another evidence-collection thread.…



This post is a bit of a random one-off. Just a (maybe not-so) silly rant.
VAWA (Violence Against Women Act) seems to be getting more egalitarian, slowly but surely. It’s a good sign and good progress. But even if the text of the act becomes 100% egalitarian some time down the road, there is still a problem: the title.…

Harassment in Gaming: Too Much Focus On Women?


JDCyran made a thoughtful and long comment on the “Tropes vs Women” thread that I thought was worth lifting as a post unto itself. Please forgive any proofreading errors, as it was originally just a comment after all. Here is JDCyran’s comment in full:
Speaking of women in gaming, The NY Times printed (digitized?)…

Trying To Raise Kids


This post is kind of off-topic, but it’s topical to my life right now. Raising kids is hard. Especially when there are so many people (often including yourself) not modeling proper behavior for them. Thus, I found this video absolutely hilarious (IMO, the genders are incidental; plenty of asshole guys out there too):

by …

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