AuthorTomás Allende

Tomás (Not Thomas shitlord!) is a gay, latino, bipolar, anti-feminist, MRA, biochemistry student and occasional writer. He dislikes being labeled more than anything and is often confused. He started seeing the world differently after a brief abusive relationship with Amnesty International. After he met Karen Straughan by providing the plutonium proof bra that delayed Iran's [Omitted]. Since then he became a massive fan of the Honey Badger Brigade and writes for the Honey Badger Site from Santiago de Chile while on the look-out for local feminist hot-spots. WARNING: DO NOT TRUST WHEN HE SAYS NO HOMO, IT'S ALWAYS HOMO.

Identity politics, we’re already playing them. And we’re all fucking Nazis.


There is a growing notion that any person that reminds you of a particular attribute is engaging in the same type of behavior as social justice. That if a woman reminds you she’s a woman when she explains why she rejects feminism, or a gay man reminds you he’s gay when rejecting the insane LGBT lobby, or a black person reminding you they’re black when saying All Lives Matter is...

The free marketplace of grievances


Hello, I am a latino cis gay neuroatypical middle-class 24-year-old man. When you hear someone present themselves in this way, what comes to your mind? Pretentious liberal cunt comes to mine, maybe your answer is SJW, feminist, ideologue. What I find interesting is what doesn’t come into our minds, which is what they want, they want you to assess their value, so they’re presenting their assets...


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