AuthorBrian Martinez

Part time student, part time concierge and full time illustrator all wrapped up in one creative package. Looking for opportunities to use my aptitudes, talents and competence to serve a worthy company, or start my own. Dude. Roots in Chicago. Thinker and go-getter.

Is There Room for Masculinity in a Global Government? | Brian’s Badger Lodge


Join us on Brian’s Badger Lodge as we discuss globalism. As our world seems to shrink more and more, the idea of a one-world government manifests itself. It doesn’t matter what we feel about this, it looks as if very powerful and unaccountable interests have every intention of making a globalist government a reality, using the COVID-19 crisis, climate change or any number of other...

Jordan Peterson Is Never Late, Nor Is He Early… | HBR Debate 37


He arrives precisely when he means to!

Smoke rises from the mountain of Twitter. The hour grows late, and Jordan B Peterson returns to Toronto seeking my council…For that is why you have come, is it not? Join us on the HBR Debate show as we discuss the return of Jordan B Peterson, some of the responses of this event, and our thoughts on notions of strength and foundation.…


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