The State of the Union and Feminist Rage With TL;DR | The Week in Men’s Rights

Join us on the week in Men’s Rights as we look at some of the highlights of Trump’s State of the Union Address as well as this article from Reason:

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Fallout 76 comes With a Free Controller? Far Cry New Dawn Trailer Disliked Into Oblivion? | Nerdcast

Join us on the Nerdcast as we discuss what’s going on in nerddom, from Fallout 76 news to the new Far Cry trailer and more! 6pm Eastern!


Report: GameStop Germany Giving Out Copies of Fallout 76 With Used Controllers

Far Cry: New Dawn Live-Action Trailer Gets Hit With Downvotes And Disabled Comments

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Talking Feminism in the Legal System With Clary Jaxon | Fireside Chat 101

Join Brian on the Fireside Chat with Clary Jaxon as we discuss legal issues men face like false accusations, the #metoo movement, and more! 5pm Eastern

Where to find Clary Jaxon:


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