AuthorBrian Martinez

Part time student, part time concierge and full time illustrator all wrapped up in one creative package. Looking for opportunities to use my aptitudes, talents and competence to serve a worthy company, or start my own. Dude. Roots in Chicago. Thinker and go-getter.

Jordan Peterson Is Never Late, Nor Is He Early… | HBR Debate 37


He arrives precisely when he means to!

Smoke rises from the mountain of Twitter. The hour grows late, and Jordan B Peterson returns to Toronto seeking my council…For that is why you have come, is it not? Join us on the HBR Debate show as we discuss the return of Jordan B Peterson, some of the responses of this event, and our thoughts on notions of strength and foundation.…

RIP Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Black Lives Matter Partners With China | HBR News 274


Hello and welcome to HBR News where we talk about the news of the week! This week we talk about Black Lives Matter founder Alicia Garza teaming up with the Chinese Communist Party to build a progressive political lobby group, what the death of Ruth Bader Ginsburg means for men’s issues, how Amy Coney Barrett could be a good replacement because of her support for due process for men, and...


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