Gillian Flynn’s Feminism


By Dani Pettas
Prior to learning otherwise, I would have guessed Gillian Flynn is an anti-feminist. I got that impression from an exchange between two characters in her first novel, Sharp Objects. It’s between the main character, Kathy, and a detective on a date (starting with Kathy).…

Mary Koss: The Corruption Continues Manboobz Style


by Tamen Sometimes I do futile things – like posting a comment on Manboobz (this time on some quotes about rape and consent from Farrell’s 1993 book The Myth of Male Power.) I posted the link to the Mary P Koss paper where she calls it inappropriate to call men rape victims unless they have been penetrated as a example of other crappy things about rape that were published in 1993...

Ann Coulter says 2% Rape Statistic is Bogus


by anonymous reader According to the FBI, a higher percentage of rape claims are false than any other criminal complaint, 8 percent compared to 2 percent for other crimes.[1]   A study of all rape allegations in a Midwestern city over nine years found 41 percent were false and a study of more than a thousand rape allegations on air force bases over the course of four years concluded that 46...

Admin Announcement: New Spam Filter


I’ve(typhon) installed a “bad faith spam filter” at the site.
It uses a complex algorithm that picks up on key phrases and terminology to determine if a commentator is employing bad faith in their comment. It is, apparently, 99.9% accurate although we’ll find out if this claim is true.…

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