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The Lack of Empathy for Men in the Modern Age: The Rise of the Men’s Rights Movement


Written by Peachy_by_night18 December 2019

Editor’s note: This article is the writer’s research, done for a class. Though it contains some assertions and accepts some concepts that many in the movement will not agree with, it is of interest to the men’s issues discussion for a couple of reasons.…

Schoolboy Groomed By Male Predator. Women Most Harmed.


FURTHER UPDATE: Upon reflection, I find Dr. Kezelman’s response (please see the comments below) unsatisfying. Her comments unavoidably tie the grooming of Mr Street to a “culture of misogynist abuse.” Dr. Kezelman may be sincere in saying that she wasn’t speaking of Mr Street’s victimization when discussing a “culture of misogynist abuse” but if that is...

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