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APA: “Girls Victims of Not Being Told They’re Victims” & HBR Call-In Show! | Men’s Mental Health


Join us on the Call-In Show for 4/28/19, in addition we will be examining an article from regarding recent APA guideline changes! Tune in @8pm Eastern! 0:01:29 – 0:01:45 — Prim Is Sitting On Karen’s Lap #Hot 0:09:00 – 0:10:41 — Robo Prim On Making The Problem And Solution Society, Not The Individual 0:15:18 – 0:16:06 — Gaslighting Entire...

You wot matriarch? A response to feminist territorial pressuring – HBR Talk 85


HBR Talk rips a strip off of feminism over one of its many interpersonal boundary issues: Their sense of entitlement to weaponize nonfeminist women against men, and against nonfeminist men’s issues advocacy. Tune in @ 7PM EST 0:03:10 – 0:13:49 — Hannah’s Intro (Take 3) 0:16:24 – 0:17:29 — On The Theory That Men Only Act In The Interest Of Other Men At The...

More Feminist Bingo with Jessica Valenti’s “What Would a Feminist DO?” Podcast | Rantzerker 114


Join us on the Rantzerker as we engage in Feminist Podcast Bingo! This week’s podcast? Jessica Valenti’s “What Would a Feminist Do?” episode entitled “Saying the F-Word”. Join us @7pm Eastern! 1:04 – 1:09 —- Intro 3:55 – 4:06 —- Saying the other “F” word 16:04 – 16:27 —- Penises rule the world 43:46 – 45:40...