Is the Animation Industry Screwed? | The Week in Men’s Rights


Join us this week as we discuss all the happenings surrounding the animation/cartoon industry, as ideological authoritarians and social terrorists take over. Tune in @6pm Eastern!

Brian Martinez
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Brian Martinez

Part time student, part time concierge and full time illustrator all wrapped up in one creative package. Looking for opportunities to use my aptitudes, talents and competence to serve a worthy company, or start my own. Dude. Roots in Chicago. Thinker and go-getter.

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  • What the video describes is a classical case of Cultural Marxist infiltration and subversion. It’s happening within every industry and institution in the west all at the same time, Ex KGB agent Yuri Bezmenov explained the process 40 years ago. Bezmenov only briefly touched on the issue of International Communism near the end of his talk, warning it was more dangerous than Soviet Communism. What most people fail to understand about Communism is that it was created by Aristocrats in the 19th century in order to front run and control opposition. It would die on the vine or could easily be suppressed by the state at any time. When it’s no longer required the state will throw a switch and turn it off, just like a light bulb.

By Brian Martinez

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