Philip Davies Brings Up MGM in Parliament & Italy Reforms Child Custody Laws | Week in Men’s Rights

Join Brian and the British Badger Belles as we look at the week in men’s rights, including Niel Degrasse Tyson allegations, Philip Davies on circumcision, and Italy’s child custody reform. 6pm Eastern!


Philip Davies with MGM bombshell in the House of Commons

Three Women Have Now Accused Neil deGrasse Tyson of Sexual Misconduct

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Title IX Update: Badgers discuss Betsy DeVos’s proposed policy changes | HBR Talk 62

Join the Badgers as we discuss several new due process protections with which Betsy DeVos wants to update Education Department policy on University handling of campus sexual misconduct allegations.

Opening monologue transcript

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Breaking the Narrative Episode 105: Entertainment is Pushing Forward, The Second Video Game Crash Looms!

Video Gaming as its evolved over the years has helped bridge a lot of gaps, despite the urging of puritans to push forth needless conflict. This is because if they can keep us distracted with their brands of propaganda and keep us from realizing that the one harming us isn’t our neighbor but the ones directing power, then they can rest easy knowing that they can just fatten and grow unfettered.…

PC Culture: How NPCs are created

The weaponizing of political correctness against Americans’ recognition of the value of their human rights and personal freedoms relies on an interesting trick: It’s much easier to get people to believe a lie that’s a twisted version of a truth than to sell them on a blatant lie.…

Breaking the Narrative Episode 104: Happy International Men’s Day 2018! Flexible Mentorship!

Today on this International Men’s Day of 2018 the theme of the day is strong male role models. Now I’ve talked about male mentors and the importance of mentorship in the past. However these are typically examples of fictional role models, characters you could play as or play with that can be seen as a series of traits to live by.…