Title XI : Feminist Munchausen’s by Proxy | HBR Talk 49

Join us on the HBR talk as we listen to and comment on the audio from a presentation by a “victim-turned-victim’s-advocate” who spoke at Rowen University’s 2018 Title IX conference. Tune in @ 8pm Eastern!

Transcript of opening video:

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Breaking in a Concept: #GamerGate the Phoenix, A Call for Consolidated Advocacy.

When #GamerGate was first coined by Adam Baldwin 4 years ago almost to the day, I doubt anyone could have fathomed the cultural zeitgeist it evolved into or the several ‘#Gates’ it would have inspired. I don’t even think anyone would have imagined the need for such consumer revolts left right and center.…

Title IX: Targeting men for whose protection? Part 2 | HBR Talk 48

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