A roomful of what? ICMI, London, 2018, day 1

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Paul’s video was followed by a talk from Save Indian Family Foundation’s founder Anil Kumar on “Focusing on innovation for growth of organizations for the movement: Experiences in India.”

SIFF is a men’s rights organization centered in Bangalore, India.…

A roomful of what? ICMI, London, 2018, day 1

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Given feminism’s “toxic masculinity” narrative, you’d think even a feminist writer from a progressive publication would have taken an interest in Darren Deojee‘s talk on Positive Masculinity: Standing on the shoulders of giants.…

A roomful of what? ICMI, London, 2018, day 1

What do you get when you confront a feminist with men’s unfettered humanity?

Shock. Horror. An article full of defamatory lies, published on the deceptively named “Open Democracy” blog, 50.50.

The supposed “only woman in a room of entirely white men” failed to notice the sex and color of several of the event’s speakers, including the first up, Karen Straughan.…

It’s ok to be Dad | HBR Talk 44

Join Anna Cherry, Aydin Paladin, and Hannah Wallen as HBR talk continues to discuss the benefits of involved fathers. Tune in @ 8pm Eastern!

Transcript for opening video:

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THEY SAID WHAT?! Journos vs the ICMI ’18 | HBR News 168

Join us on the HBR News show as we look at a couple of ways that Vice and Open Democracy covered this year’s International Conference on Men’s Issues. Tune in @ 12pm Eastern!




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Breaking the Narrative Episode 92: The Other Half of the Japanese Population Decline, the Hikkikomori

Good day everyone. The subject we are approaching here may seem like it’s a more broad aspect of what has happened to Japan’s native population, but as with most things, you will soon find that that this phenomenon happens more often to men than women.…

The Black Pill, Learned Helplessness and Fatigue in Men’s Advocacy | Doge and Aydin Show 6

Have you ever felt as though advocating for men’s issues and trying to combat blue pill conditioning has left you feeling exhausted? Do you come across stories that make you feel as though everything is bleak and the future is nothing more than an abyss of doom and gloom?…