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Breaking the Narrative Episode 88: The Real Way AI is Going to Take Over The World! A Review of Beatless!


I’ve decided to cover this particular series¬†because it’s gone particularly far for an anime in this day and age, and is still on going, surprisingly. This is unusual for a non-franchise anime in the current industry. The reason I’ve made this decision is not just because this ends up becoming Dave Cullen’s worst nightmares made manifest, but it touches upon the plight of...

Why Do Geeky Men Open Their Subcultures To Destructive Ideologies? | Doge and Aydin Show 4


Today on the Doge and Aydin Show we will be asking the following question: Why do men, in particular nerdy outcast men, with geeky interests make sure their hobby is as inclusive as possible to women while at the same time claiming their hobby is not inclusive to women, often letting in and validating destructive and hateful ideologues who only want to control the culture and dominate these men...

Badger Beginnings – We can’t always all get along if we wanna git ‘er done | HBR Talk 39


Last week we read an apparently scathing critique of the men’s rights movement and A Voice For Men in particular. Listen in as Alison, Karen, Prim, and Hannah discuss the response, written by Hannah and punctuated by the signatures of several female MRAs, in which the name “Honey Badger Brigade” was coined.…

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