J.Ishiro Finney’s Letter to the Boys & Young Men of America

In a way this is a letter to everyone, because everyone should see it, hear the message in it for boys and young men, and remember it when engaging with them in everyday life. The hardest thing for society to remember seems to be the fact that men and boys are part of the human race.…

Breaking the Narrative Episode 77: I Live Free Under My Flag! A Character Study of Captain Phantom F. Harlock!

When I started writing for the Honey Badgers about 2 years ago I  had discussed depictions of men in anime, namely because of some of my own participation in anime geekdom. Now I think its time I do something I’ve done before with Samus Aran but this time with one of my favorite fictional characters ever – Captain Phantom F.

The neverending sob story: Accountability gap in the workplace – HBR Talk 26

Join us on HBR Talk as we take on the emoooootional laaaaabor of cleaning up feminism’s false gendering of worker’s issues. Tune in @8pm Eastern!

Transcript for opening monologue: https://www.patreon.com/posts/17148940

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