Rational Resistance to Feminism is Futile – TL;DR Rantzerker 85


Join us on the Rantzerker with the Cyan Cervidae himself TL;DR as we look at more ROBUST feminist Academia… for the lulz at this point.




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  • To extend some theories of postcolonial independence movement beyond all meaning, there is a claim that *all* exchange of ideas between groups of people are impositions or appropriations, well it’s madness because sometimes something is adopted just because it’s a good idea.

    To extend things even further, all ideas and cultural practices must have a natural origin that they are implicitly tied to, so someone has decided to label reason and science as a colonial institution, so therefore it is implicitly tied to and cannot be separated from said institution. Why stop at colonialism though, lets divide society up into subculture and start trying to attribute parts to sub-cultural elements – – Now reason and science can be a (colonial/white/male/female/rock/hip-hop/r&b/whatever) concept, inseparable from its originating subculture. Am I understanding this logic? am I losing sanity? both? The only way I can describe it is profound confusion.

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