Do We Need #HeterosexualPrideDay?

In a word: No. We don’t need it.

No straight person asked for this day. Our lives are not enhanced by this day, and we see it for what it truly was meant to do: Piss off the Progressive Left. And yet, perhaps there is some value to this day as to why we should keep it.…

Breaking the Narrative Episode 4: Virtuous or Virtue Signaling?

Due to the recent circumstances with the Orlando/Marteen shooting and all the usual idiots coming out of the woodwork as mentioned in Honey Badger Radio 59. I figure now would be the best time for this particular subject of virtue versus virtue signaling.…

Where have all the Yes-men gone?

by Fred Sykes

Back in 1981 I was working for a small advertising agency.  I didn’t work there long (longtime jobs are rare in advertising), but I do remember the boss well.  He was a dapper, carefully-coiffed, GQ sort of man.  He definitely looked the part of an advertising exec. …

Calgary Expo Lawyer: “I was uninformed about my client’s name”

Honey Badgers Brigade started its suit against Calgary Expo in 2015 because of its illegal expulsion from the 2015 Calgary Comix Exposition. Its claim is being pursued in the Alberta Provincial Court to set a precedent to defend freedom of expression in the comic culture.…

Video Games as Mythology

By Peter Thompson

Mythology is a collection of images and stories, more technically described as, “an organization of symbolic images and narratives metaphorical of the possibility of human experience and fulfillment in a given culture at a given time.” (Campbell, J., 1987).…

Soy una mujer sexy, ¡deja de cosificarme!

Traducción de un vídeo y un artículo de GirlWritesWhat.

Traductora: E. V. In’Morales

Revisor: El Ratel



Hace poco, un suscriptor perplejo me preguntó si estaría dispuesta a hacer un vídeo sobre la cosificación sexual, después de toparse en Internet con dos artículos polémicos que lo dejaron rascándose la cabeza.…

Breaking the Narrative Episode 3: 1999-2006, Entering the “Silver Age of Gaming”

Recap time, so far we’ve gone through the equivalent of the Golden Age of comics within video games. Now for the Silver Age equivalent. This is the era which led to what could be considered the current status quo for gaming. This time around we have four systems to touch on.…

El supuesto origen del patriarcado

Traducción de un artículo original de Patriarchal Prophet (Profeta patriarcal)

El patriarcado me hace gracia. Las feministas lo utilizan para justificar cualquier cosa; a menudo lo consideran una supuesta institución por la cual, por arte de magia, cualquier cosa se puede «institucionalizar», pero cuando se les pregunta, el patriarcado se convierte en un nebuloso «sistema social».…

Psycho mom hates it when a plan comes apart

Partial translation of a news article in La Voz de Asturias. Comments in italics.

14th June 2016

The Provincial Court grants custody to a father after false reports of sexual crimes by his ex-wife

[The tide may be slowly starting to turn? At last? Let’s see what happened exactly.

The Supposed Origins of Patriarchy

By Patriarchal Prophet

Patriarchy is a funny thing. Feminists use to justify anything, often through using it as a supposed institution that can seemingly magically make anything institutionalized, but when questioned on it Patriarchy is talked about as a hairy fairy “social system.” So wouldn’t we all like to know where this came from?…