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An Afghanistan veteran’s thoughts on the draft


The genesis of this piece was to reach out to the Honey Badgers with some of my thoughts on women in “Combat Arms” Military Occupational Specialties (MOS) and the draft.  While inspired by the /pol/ cast 01 episode, I wasn’t so much responding to any specific argument but wanted to share my perspective as a former Noncommissioned Officer (NCO) and a veteran of the Afghan war.  …

“Not my kid….”

My co-worker rides the bus to work and sees all kinds of things. The other day he told this story. It’s an interesting snapshot of cultural and social change.
This co-worker commutes on the bus and one day recently a pregnant woman got on. The bus was pretty full so she went back to the middle of it.…

Letter to the badgers


Be a Feminist It’s okay to be a Feminist Because we know women bleed and bear seed But don’t dare be a Male Rights Activists Because we all know Men ain’t got no need We all know men don’t cry They die only because they have to Empty the trash Thats just what men do Carry that rock and don’t talk Because that’s what women do Only women are pretty Don’t...

Excused from the Jury


Today, I went to a local district court in response to a summons for jury duty. This was my first summons. The timing was inconvenient, of course. I got the usual round of jokes from coworkers about gently nudging the truth to get out of it. Honestly, though, I was and am okay with the idea of civic duty, and serving on a jury.…

Guilty until proven demasculinized


Blaming men for mass shootings was one of the best things of 2015.
At least according to this article in the “Society Pages”
Masculinity and Mass Shootings in the U.S.
This site declares itself to be an “open source science project” and is funded by university of Minnesota.…

What next for feminism – video rebuttal


On January 26th, 2016, Jenni Russell – a columnist for The Times, The Sunday Times, and the Evening Standard, chaired a debate entitled ‘What next for feminism?’ at the Emmanuel Centre in West London. The panel consisted of international lawyer and political scientist Anne-Marie Slaughter, feminist historian and author Amanda Foreman, Darwinian Philosopher Helena Cronin, Neuroscientist and...

Spain gender laws: A country against men.


For this article, I will try to add as much sources in English as possible. However, most of the info is only available in Spanish, so you’ll have to use Google translator if you want to check them properly. Some of the links will be to videos in Spanish; I don’t know a possible solution for those, but I have not found a sub version.…

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