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Hi Badgers,

I have frequently heard you describe feminism as a religion but I believe you are wrong. A religion is a dogmatic ideology, but the concepts are defined and the goalposts don’t move.

Feminism is actually an industry.

It is rooted in manufacturing moral outrage, and outrage grabs headlines and sells. As an industry it is looking to constantly increase its market share, and this is why your goalposts are moving in every argument. Combating feminism on its ideas will do nothing to slow the growth of this industry. You have to combat feminism in reaction to how it is currently attempting to grow its market share.

You have to look at it the way it operates, and you are correct to call it a cancer – because that closely represents its method of market share growth – it metastasizes and grows.

Feminism has its roots in Marxism. It is about defining gender as a class and setting up an oppression narrative.

They have realized that wasn’t good enough in today’s standards since the law is not only equal for women’s opportunity but actually gives them advantage, so they have had to generate an outrage that accuses healthy male behavior of being oppressive. Then, to grow outrage you have to intersectionalize it and increase the complexity of their class structure to include Race, Gender, and Sexual Orientation. They have infiltrated colleges, and targeted key degrees in order to get a iron grip control over media – Communications and Social Sciences in particular so they can control the narrative and poison/skew the data to support their Marxist strategy. And its dangerous because it preys on key aspects of psychology – the desire to do the right thing and protect the innocent. And it grants people the ability to dive into a state of narcissism by allowing people to classify their own failures (such as being overweight or not being successful in their occupation) as the result of class based social constructs or people actively working to hold them down.

The only way to combat this is to take the same long road they took. We have to take these majors back. And we can do this. Any college administration staff has to be in fear right now and be willing to insert less radical people into these roles and start grounding our students in reality – and it will become an imperative that they do this if they want to remain employed because the student revolts will continue as long as they work and they cave to these students.

It will take a concerted effort… almost a conspiracy… to infiltrate the campuses and erode the iron grip they have. And despite this being the antithesis of what people like us stand for, there does need to be an organized effort to combat this. We need our own pendants. We need a concerted effort to create a unified list of talking points. We need spokespeople and celebrities to parrot us. Its the only way to take back the market and suppress these crazy SJWs.


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  • Religion and Industry are not incompatible nor mutually exclusive. Religion does not necessarily need to have a godhead to be either. Shinto, for example, has no single God, although it does have creative myths, while some religions have very vague conceptions but certainly have ritual etc. Every common component of religion is present in Feminism and many portions of the feminist narrative are fully formed religious doctrines while others are still in their infancy, cult-like and yet to mature. It is true that feminism is an industry but industry is an economic imperative and a method to keep any corpus alice and running. The Catholic Church was and still is a fantastic money making industry and people like Darth Sarkessian in Feminism are selling Papal indulgences and asking for alms to support the ongoing vivacity of the doctrine. The stone age religions supported themselves by seasonal festivals and so forth, so industry as an economic imperative always goes hand in hand with Religion, and the International Church of the Vagina known as Feminism is no different. As to the roots of the doctrinal forms of any religion: they are many and varied so root causes no matter how interestingly enumerated do not detract from the mechanism of a religion.

  • Religions goalposts constantly move. There’s even a formal term for it: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/God_of_the_gaps

    As society, particularly science but also social values like equality, shift and move, religions morph to fill in whatever voids they find. Any spare room in the social fabric is saturated with religion. When empirical evidence or changing social morals change position, the religions may resist, but usually end up getting out of the way.

    Some core tenets are unfalsifiable and thus unchanging, like “There is only one all-seeing, all-present, all-powerful God” but the rest of the dogma slides around in all but the strictest or most powerful religions. And Feminism has its own unchanging, unfalsifiables as well. Patriarchy being the best example. It’s everywhere, but it’s invisible, and no matter what happens to men or women, it’s always the fault of the Patriarchy.

    I suspect that even if the Feminists won and founded a Matriarchy and killed off 90% of men the way some RadFems wish to do, 1,000 years from now they’d STILL believe in the Patriarchy and blame all their problems on it by claiming that since we spent thousands of years under Patriarchy, our species is irreparably polluted by it, enhancing the comparison many draw between ideas like Privilege and Original Sin.

  • “Feminism has its roots in Marxism.”

    More of a hijacking. There are aspects of the radical left that recognize feminism to be rich white women that have nothing in common with the (sominantly male) working class, and recognize the ridiculousness of calling the same thing both wage slavery and male privilege.

  • Etymologically (learning the true meaning of a word through it’s source or matrix; oldest date sets precedence) feminism is a noun from 1851, “qualities of females” in biology, “development of female secondary sexual characteristics in a male” is from 1875, 20 years before 1895s “advocacy of women’s rights” used today. Biology TRUMPS (lol) Advocacy, gives a whole new twist on male feminist!

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