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The following article is an English translation of an original article by El Tivípata, a Spanish blogger specialized in antifeminism. Originally published on 13th December 2015. Published with his explicit permission. Link to the original in Spanish:


Sometimes, the Fourth Estate (the media) should be considered the first when it comes down to influencing the public. It’s no coincidence that every dictatorship, be it openly authoritarian or hidden behind a democracy façade, needs the media in order to stay in power. Once journalistic ethics are sullied, the information media are demoted to propaganda media, and they become just another governmental tool. Of course, neo-feminism, being the proficient totalitarian movement that it is, has taken advantage of the media to attract the masses, to indoctrinate and to impose its values. That is precisely what totalitarian leaders of both ends of the political spectrum have done—leaders like Fidel Castro and Benito Mussolini have something in common: they flooded the streets with their faces.

Not long ago, a Spanish female architect threw both of her daughters —one of them being 11 years old, the other one just 10 months old— out of her studio’s window, from the 13th floor. Afterwards, she jumped as well. The media walked on tiptoes over this brutal and tragic event; if its sinister protagonist had had a different set of chromosomes, we would have been bombarded with such a sensationalist coverage that it would have turned the British tabloid press pale. But the extreme indulgence of some written media with regard to the incident is even worse.

In one of them, psychologist Nuria Farriols claimed that the reason of this double infanticide had been “extreme sadness.” Maybe my ignorance in the field of Psychology is making me too bold, but I would dare to say that “extreme sadness” is not a valid motive for committing a crime. But the expert goes even further. She considers the horrifying crime as an “act of love” by the architect, and she uses the term “extended suicide.” Although, it’s true that extended suicide is contemplated in the field of Psychology as an explanation for this kind of crime, can you imagine the repercussions, had this term been used in the case of a father who murdered his wife or his children, taking his own life afterwards?

However, such a professional assessment has not provoked any complaint whatsoever from the same feminism that, anytime the murder of a woman is treated as “A woman dies,” throws its arms up in horror and shouts the slogan “We don’t die; we are murdered”. It looks like feminism issues an indulgence license for murderers with XX chromosomes.

While a double patricide is treated with excessive mildness, the media behaved with a suspicious and shameless lack of mercy towards Marta Rivera, from the political party Ciudadanos, for saying something as simple as “violence doesn’t discriminate between genders,” and that our current penal asymmetry is violating article 14 of the Spanish Constitution, which prohibits discrimination on the grounds of sex. Such are this country’s media, considered some of the worst in Europe: journalistic rigor, impartiality, independence from official power… all of that is eliminated in order to become a tool of the state, at the service of authoritarianism disguised as a democracy.

El Ratel
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About the author

El Ratel

El Ratel ("The Badger") has helplessly seen the rise of politically correct nonsense, inclusive language and feminist ideology in his native country, Spain. After getting in contact with the MRM and antifeminist ideas, his attempts to talk about it were met with disdain and disgust. That is why he adopted a secret identity and started doing what he does best: spreading information by means of writing and translation.

El Ratel ha presenciado el auge de las estupideces políticamente correcta, el lenguaje inclusivo y la ideología feminista en su país natal, España. Tras entrar en contacto con las ideas del Movimiento por los Derechos del Hombre y el antifeminismo, sus intentos por hablar de ello fueron recibidos con desdén y desprecio. Por eso, tomó la decisión de adoptar una identidad secreta y hacer lo que mejor se le da: difundir información a través de la escritura y la traducción.

By El Ratel

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