Honey Badger Radio Upcoming Shows August 2nd-8th



Badger Pod Nerdcast 43: Halt and Catch What the Fuck?

Join the badgers as we discuss Alison’s obsession. It relates. Don’t you trust us?

Host: Brian Martinez

Participants: Mike(DoctorRandomercam), Anna Cherry, Alison Tieman and Special Patron Guests Psy and HyperChicken

Date: July 27th, 2015

Time: 5 PM Eastern



Nerdrevolt Gamergate 24

Join the badgers as we discuss… the latest happenings in the collective Nerd Revolt! 

Host: Brian Martinez

Participants: Rachel Edwards, Alison Tieman, Hannah Wallen

Date: August 4th, 2015

Time: 8 PM Eastern



Honey Badger Radio 16: Angry White Men!

Join the Honey Badgers as we discuss the scourge of our age! Angry white men!

Host: Rachel Edwards

Participants: Anna Cherry, Karen Straughan, Hannah Wallen, Alison Tieman

Date: August 8th , 2015

Time: 9 PM Eastern


Fire and flames.

Fireside Chat Two: Kevin Logan returns!

Join Alison and Karen as we continue our discussion with feminist Kevin Logan.

Host: Brian Martinez

Participants: Karen Straughan, Alison Tieman, Kevin Logan

Date: August 9th , 2015 RESCHEDULED

Time: 2:30 PM Eastern RESCHEDULED


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