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Badger Pod Nerdcast 33: What about Zoidbadger?

Join the badgers as we discuss Futurama!

Host: Brian Martinez

Participants: Mike(DoctorRandomercam), Alison Tieman, Rachel Edwards, MadCat, our Lord and Otter, Oliver Campbell

Date: May 4th, 2015

Time: 5 PM Eastern



BadgerPod Gamergate # 14: It ends Chunight!

Join the badgers as we discuss… somebody set us up the bomb! The bomb threat called in to disrupt the gamergate meet up in DC. Take a note Calgary Expo. That’s an actual disruption.

Host: Brian Martinez

Participants: Rachel Edwards, Alison Tieman, Hannah Wallen

Date: May 5th, 2015

Time: 8 PM Eastern



Honey Badger Radio 4: Damseled to death

Join the badgers as we discuss threat narratives, how they work to galvanize us to do horrible acts and how damseling is implicated in manufacturing atrocities.

Host: Rachel Edwards

Participants: Anna Cherry, Karen Straughan, Hannah Wallen, Alison Tieman

Date: May 7th, 2015

Time: 9 PM Eastern



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