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Honey Badger Radio: #notyourshield


As the battle of #GamerGate rages on, the Social Justice Warriors have finally found their kryptonite. Not in bigotry or hatred, but in passionate women and minorities who are tired of being exploited.
On October 15, 2014, two months after it began, #GamerGate had its fairest piece of mainstream media coverage.…

MGTOW—A boycotting of women


I was arguing with a guy today about MGTOW.
He made the assertion that I’m a misogynist who spouts anti-woman rhetoric. So I challenged him to find anything I’d ever said that was anti-woman. My aunt has as of late been worried about me as well; she’s a little flighty but her heart’s in the right place.…

Femininities—Toxic femininity


The dose makes the poison.
One of the very useful memes that has come out of the gender discourse in the last few years is a discussion of “toxic masculinity,” or the traditional masculinity that teaches little boys to make themselves disposable for the sake of women (I know what the inventors of the term meant, and even though they didn’t mean that, that’s what they meant .…

Badger Cave: Jian Ghomeshi


The Curious Case of Jian Ghomeshi
Jian Ghomeshi, a former broadcaster and host of the Canadian radio show Q, is now in the middle of a messy sex scandal. Eleven women in all and one man have brought forth allegations of sexual misconduct.
The thing that makes this notable is that Ghomeshi doesn’t fit the usual narrative.…

Honey Badger Radio: Ask the Badger 3


It’s that time again, folks. You know the drill. It’s time to ask the Badgers anything! We’ll answer as best we can.
Former Baltimore Ravens cheerleader sexually assaults a minor
Molly Shattuck, a former Baltimore Ravens cheerleader, is being charged with third degree rape and sexual contact with a minor after forcing herself on a 15-year-old boy.…

The Feminist Haunted House … no joke


“Hi, Badger, so have you heard of the Feminist Haunted House? What are your thoughts?” Yes, I did hear about this, and it was called “A Lesbian Feminist Haunted House” in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. I’m not sure why this is being called “lesbian feminist,” and quite frankly I find it insulting to the lesbian community to group them in with such an atrocity...

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