Badger Pod Nerd Cast 11: #GamerGate, DiGRA, and miscellany with guest Sargon of Akkad


DiGRA, an association of academics and professionals, began researching video games in 2003. What began as a group of researchers tracking and investigating gaming phenomena is now believed by pro-GamerGate supporters to be a group now dominated by feminist ideologues and pseudoscience. But it doesn’t stop there: this group of ideologues are well-connected and often with individuals actively trying to censor GamerGate.

Only a handful of people are covering the confirmed corruption in gaming journalism via the secret mailing list Game Journo Pros, and even less are writing about the connection to DiGRA. If this is indeed true, then the corruption is far more pervasive than we ever imagined.

Rachel Edwards

Rachel is a former host of Honey Badger Radio, a recurring member of the Tales from the Infrared crew. She wanders around the web researching feminist insanity, poking people with a large stick, and keeping everyone in the silly place. When she isn't doing any of those things she spends her time doing even more blogging, grooming her rather large fluffy cat, nerding out with her favorite people, and burying herself in various fandoms. Pinkie Pie is best Pony! (You spelled "Fluttershy" wrong. -- Zen)
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