Badgers in Detroit: The First International Conference on Men’s Issues. #Detroit


In just two days Karen Straughan, Hannah Wallen, Alison Tieman, Jess Kay, Kristal Garcia, and I will be at the International Conference on Men’s Issues in Detroit.

We’ll be setting up a promo table where you can purchase items from our fundraiser.

Please direct your browsers to our Facebook page for updates!

Honey Badger Radio

(And for our donors? If you aren’t able to attend the conference, stay glued to your in-boxes because you’re going to be getting some exclusive badger content.)

Rachel Edwards

Rachel is a former host of Honey Badger Radio, a recurring member of the Tales from the Infrared crew. She wanders around the web researching feminist insanity, poking people with a large stick, and keeping everyone in the silly place. When she isn't doing any of those things she spends her time doing even more blogging, grooming her rather large fluffy cat, nerding out with her favorite people, and burying herself in various fandoms. Pinkie Pie is best Pony! (You spelled "Fluttershy" wrong. -- Zen)
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